Friday, February 3, 2023

    A Cheap Imitation Real Mini Sex Dolls


    Just heard this. She must be a beauty! Well, to be honest, I have never seen such a photo on the first photo of a real Mini Sex Doll. Is it the cheap brand doll you get? You still haven’t said where you got her from ….. just a quick guess. Perhaps thermal repair will dry the material and make the area more porous.

    I quickly performed some TPE repairs on my real Mini Sex Doll, and now I am thinking about whether I should have some intensive baby oil treatment on the area to be repaired. Hmm … I want to try the less important areas first. She was a second-hand doll and was about to be thrown into the trash can, so I didn’t get anything on the paper or anything, so I didn’t know what her brand was.

    It sounds like a cheap imitation real Mini Sex Dolls, and the pictures tend to confirm this. The details of things are low, and the colors “fall off” in some places are usually very basic designs. Almost like it wasn’t fully detailed before shipping and using older models. OK, because I do n’t even know that gum will deteriorate … I have a question, how do we prevent it from deteriorating, and how long does it start to deteriorate?

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