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    About Japanese love dolls

     Real love dolls are a global phenomenon, but real love dolls have played a special role for many years in the United States and Japan.

    In America, it started with a love doll version. Realdoll’s Matt McMullen started producing realistic silicone dolls 20 years ago, and his idea started the global movement of love dolls. The artistic side of love dolls is emphasized in the United States, but there are different developments in Japan. Due to their religion and tradition, the Japanese have a very different self-image of soulful RealDoll, and they have a special affinity for technology and extreme forms of sexuality. From pants worn in vending machines to gadgets on the border of pedophilia, the Japanese are the way to go and are very unique in the world when it comes to sex.

    Therefore, it does not surprise me that the most realistic silicone dolls have a completely different position in society, especially in Japan. Real His love doll lovers are more open-minded about the subject of dolls and don’t hide behind shame and “mental illness”, but see their relationship as a completely different partner, wheelchair through the park or surfing. I will do it.

    The local mass media likes to dive into their “delusions” about Dutch wife’s love in Japan. Because it is said that “strange” is driving the flowers.

    Real Doll Rie-chan

    Masayuki Ozaki and his silicone doll

    So Masayuki Ozaki of Tokyo openly talks about his love for some silicone sex dolls. He, of course, speaks openly about his preference for this kind of love over women, and how cold and selfish he is towards Japanese women. It doesn’t care to anyone, there is no media protest, and he wants to be buried next to Erodor and takes their souls to heaven. Just like going skiing or surfing, it’s not for him.

    But what’s interesting to Masayuki Ozaki is that, unfortunately, he has to refuse as much as marriage, relationships, and some adult doll friends in his family. Therefore, his wife completely rejects this kind of love, and his daughter can’t do anything with it. No matter how openly I deal with the topic, I thought that probably because of the intolerance of certain people, you would always have to live as a love doll friend.

    On the other hand, the mass media will draw the same koto forever in this article. “He loves sex toys”, “Kustovfrawen doesn’t shut his mouth” (calm + selfish = persistent), the path of life is “strange” and other similar hollow phrasing is found again .. Tires sex doll friends and brings nothing. This is because the number of love dolls is constantly increasing not only in Japan, but also in Europe and the United States, and the trend will gain even more momentum as robot dolls hit the market.

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