Friday, February 3, 2023

    Blue Hair Cute Anime Mini Sex Doll Aletha 135cm


    Doll size
    ·Height:4ft 4 / 135cm
    ·Weight:38.8Lbs / 17.6kg
    ·Upper bust * waist * hip:20.4in*16.1in*25.9in / 52cm*41cm*66cm
    ·Hand length:14.5in / 37cm
    ·Foot length:7in / 18cm
    ·Vagina Depth:5.5in / 14cm
    ·Anal depth:5.1in / 13cm
    ·Leg length:25.1in / 64cm

    Aletha is an anime actor

    Aletha is a super cute anime sex doll girl, she likes cosplay, today she plays a cute anime girl, although she is only 135cm, but her buttocks and vagina are particularly charming, blue hair and blue eyes make her look She looks more sexy and cute. She will bring you a real sexual experience. You can experience three different sexual pleasures with her vagina and anus. This cheap and realistic dwarf sex doll can accompany you every night.

    Blue Hair Cute Anime Mini Sex Doll Aletha 135cm 4ft 4



    ① Disposable vaginal douche x1 ② Special gloves x1 ③ Wig x1 ④ Vaginal heater x1 ⑤ Wig comb x1 ⑥ Underwear x1 ⑦ Blanket x1

    【Standard Function】 *Standing *function

    【Method of sexual intercourse】*Vaginal sex, oral sex, anal sex

    【Custom Function】*You can freely customize and order makeup, skin tone, options, etc.

    Aletha is a super cute anime sex doll girl, she likes cosplay, today she plays a cute anime girl

    ^Private Order^

    *If you want to customize your real doll according to your own requirements, please click the email below to contact us!

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    The Future, Metaverse, Bots and Sex Dolls

    For close to two years now, Coronavirus has been with us, successfully shaping a new world we never thought we’d be in. What started as a two-week hiatus has turned into months of anguish and, for the better part, adapting to the unforeseen changes. And while there’s still hope for a better future and a Covid-free society, the pandemic has shed light on a possible future with love dolls and sexbots and virtual worlds being a centerpiece of our day-to-day lives.

    This article will look into some of the indicators that the future can only get better in the sex doll industry. How has the pandemic shifted the tides? And even better, why did the demand for sex dolls skyrocket during the forced lockdowns? These questions will help shed light on a future that’s becoming. Virtual Worlds and The Metaverse? Even before Mack Zuckerberg’s 81-minute video disquisition, the world had been slowly learning more about the virtual world and what it means to the future of human interaction. The creation of a computer-simulated environment where people can participate in communal activities and relate with others more effectively is beckoning. The metaverse especially has been described as a successor of mobile internet. And with emerging technologies like cryptocurrency, Virtual Reality hardware, NFTs, and next-level gaming platforms, it’ll be exciting to see what these developments mean for the sex doll world. Besides developing tech-laden sex dolls, we envision a future with open and proud environments with sex-positive talks and experiments around the relevance of sex dolls and robots to humans. And with simplified payments via cryptocurrency, buying a sex doll will be as easy as ever before and, importantly, very confidential. Do we want to touch and feel? Could the pandemic have made people open to the idea of owning and using sex dolls? Well, the numbers support this line of thought. People who were previously on the fence, unsure whether to adopt the ‘new’ way of life or not, are now proud love doll owners. You see, after WHO declared Corona Virus a pandemic, most nations around the world imposed and enforced lockdowns. People were required to work from home. What’s more, restaurants, clubs, and major sporting events were postponed. So, with the prospect of spending months locked in the house, it didn’t take time before the orders and inquiries started coming in record numbers. We had to expand our workforce and push ourselves to the max to meet the unforeseen demand. Overall, the pandemic has softened the hearts of many, making them more open and receptive to love dolls and sexbots. And even after the pandemic, we anticipate people won’t ditch the love for sex dolls and bots. Unlike the mandatory sanitizer in the store, the love for sex dolls will stay – the benefits are way too many to just let go! We’re Not Through It All Yet! It’d be naïve for us to think the pandemic is over. Of course, developing and rolling out the vaccine helps, but it doesn’t mean the coast is clear. After all, you can still get the virus after vaccination. Right? So, with that in mind, it’s only right to say sex dolls are not going away anytime soon. Luckily, we’ve held up well over the past 15+ months, and with the rising technology, the quality of sex dolls and bots will only go up. And what better way to stay ahead of schedule and prepare for potential lockdowns and social isolation than get a doll? So, even after close to two years living with Covid, sex dolls will remain relevant moving on to the future. In fact, we predict that people will now move to more advanced and realistic sex robots to quench the unending thirst for pleasure. Tech Age and Sex Bots As stressed before, the pandemic saw one of the busiest shifts for sex doll vendors. Besides working around the clock, we had to hire more people to help with the pile of orders and inquiries. This unforeseen surge in sales induced healthy competition among sex doll manufacturers, pushing them to the limit. And in a bid to outdo the competition, the manufacturers employ the latest technology to woo the consumer who are looking for more than sex in dolls, many are craving company and to not to feel alone. Coincidentally, we’re in a century that’s seen the greatest advancements in technology. So, what are the odds? I think we’re a lucky generation that’s just getting ready to experience the best in the sex doll world jointly with virtual worlds the metaverse and robotics? The pandemic has been a great eye-opener and maybe even a blessing in disguise. The enforced lockdowns and isolation measures did shake the industry, ultimately bringing the best out of it. It also made people more open to change, a positive in what has been for the longest time a stigmatized topic. So, in a future that promises a healthy selection of advanced sex dolls and robots interacting with virtual worlds and Metaverse, I hope we’re there to enjoy the blessing! At you can be part of the future and purchase your sex doll with crypto and Bitcoin at checkout!

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