Saturday, February 4, 2023

    buy sailor bride The design of sex dolls and sex robots

    In the above-mentioned petitions and open letters in the media, moral reservations and judgments become clear. These relate primarily to the design of love dolls and love dolls and state that they perpetuate stereotypes about women, objectify them, yes, that they are humiliated and dishonored by these artefacts.

    In addition, as the website Male Sex Dolls shows, “normalization” – that is, the spread and acceptance of artificial love servants – is seen as a problem. Other ethical questions, such as those about the good life and sexual health, are therefore often ignored. However, these other concerns are certainly taken up by communities that are neutral or positive towards artificial love servants.

    So e.g. B. the question was raised how pedophilic tendencies can be controlled, d. H. to avoid crime and victims or to satisfy the lifelike sex dolls drives of people in need of care. The literature repeatedly points out that sexual health can be part of a fulfilling and satisfying life, that it is even a human right and that this also includes the elderly, dependent and disabled people. Nevertheless, it is often taboo in nursing and old people’s homes to talk about such topics.

    And it is even more taboo to allow those affected to make use of their rights, be it through the assisted use of sex dolls, be it through access to professional sex work or be it through regular visits from friends and acquaintances connected with the Allowing a discreet withdrawal. A special challenge arises in monasteries, seminaries, church institutions and in the Papal States such as the Vatican. There sexuality is not wanted by the authorities and even expressly forbidden.

    Sexual urges are not acted out in the first place, in an uncontrolled area (self-stimulation in bed) or in a secret place. In Rome, it has always been known that the clergy hired male (and sometimes female) prostitutes. In addition, as has become known in recent years, there has been widespread abuse of minors (and others) by the clergy. Nuns were not protected from sexual violence either. At the same time, they were occasionally perpetrators themselves.

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