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    Clone A Willy — Honest Customer Review

    Clone-a-Willy toys are the perfect, sexy gift. It’s Joy Love Dolls’ personalized companion piece for their pocket pussy, in my opinion. I was unsure at first, but the final product delivers a realistic feel with its soft and comfortable material. What makes this Clone a Willy kit stand out is that you get to create an at-home, body-safe dick mold of any penis. For this penis molding kit, I chose my partner’s.

    What Is A Clone-a-Willy?

    I like Joy Love Dolls a lot (literally, look at their sex machine collection). But Clone a Willie piqued my interest. It’s my fave combo of kinda funny and really sexy.

    With a penis molding kit, they say you’ll have a true-to-form vibrating replica of any member. How could I resist? Personally, I went with my partner’s penis. I think there’s something highly desirable about truly owning someone’s most private bits.

    The Clone a Penis gets its shape using 100% silicone (body-safe, baby). And the material means the Clone a Willie will last and satisfy all while perfectly capturing your shaft of choice. I must say, it did precisely that.

    Your Very Own Vibrating Clone a Willy Kit — What’s Included

    I can’t decide on the perfect dildo to save my life. That’s when a vibrating Clone a Willy kit caught my eye. I know I like my partner’s penis. And adding a little vibe? Amazing. My Clone a Dick kit included:

    • Body-safe silicone (colors vary)
    • Algae-based molding powder
    • A molding tube
    • Mini vibe

    Everything is U.S.-made and includes a certificate of authenticity, which I liked.

    What You’ll Need

    Not everything that you’ll need comes in the kit. The rest, though, is stuff you probably have lying around the house.

    I also needed:

    • Mixing bowl & metal mixing spoon
    • Newspaper
    • Measuring cup
    • Scissors
    • Sharpie
    • Timer/ smartphone gidget

    How I Went Through The Clone A Willy Instructions

    The Clone a Willy instructions booklet was relatively easy to follow but somewhat lengthy. To help, I’ve simplified the directions and added some Clone a Willy tips for your sexy arts and crafts soirée.  This was an experience— a fun one! Here’s how it went:

    1. We started with some heavy petting. Set the mood. In direct terms: I made his penis erect.
    2. I measured that lucky boner against the outside of the plastic tube, his pelvis against the closed end of the tube. I used a marker to make a line where his penis ended.
    3. I then cut the tube at the line. From here, I found things got a little harder (no pun intended). But everything was manageable, and any trouble we ran into just produced laughs, which was cute.
    4. We had to measure out 1 ¾ cups of warm water at exactly 90 degrees Fahrenheit. And I mean exactly!
    5. After the water reached 90 degrees, the race began! I set a timer for 2 minutes. There was a lot we had to do in that two minutes.
    6. During the 2-minute countdown, use 45 to 60 seconds to mix the algae molding powder with the water. I was nervous our mixture was a little lumpy, but apparently, that’s normal. It smoothed out as it became a penis clone.
    7. After a good mix, we poured the mixture into the molding tube. My advice is to use as much as possible. Scrape it out! And you better have put those newspapers down because the extra messy part is about to begin.
    8. Now comes the part where my partner situated his penis in the mold. He chose to sit, but standing works too. We had to do this part quickly because the molding dries quickly. We didn’t have too much difficulty situating it, but we did have a little spill until it was tight against his pelvis. If I made another, I’d ask if he could stand.
    9. To keep his erection, we indulged in some teasing. If your penis-holder is nervous, it’s totally fine to use a cock ring.
    10. Once the mold was solid, my partner removed his penis, no problem.

    It only took us about 30-45 minutes for everything. The lengthy part is the final steps of Cloan a Willy:

    1. After letting my partner’s dick mold sit for 6 hours, I stirred the included rubber together. Mixed it nice and good until it was one, even color.
    2. I poured that into the Clone-a-Willy mold.
    3. You don’t have to use the vibrator, but I did. I cut a hole in single-layer cardboard and let that hold the vibrator in place at the top of the mold. It stuck out a little at the top, but no biggie.
    4. I eagerly waited 24 hours as it sat and then, lo-and-behold, my partner’s penis! Replicated!

    It was insane how accurate it was. I wasn’t expecting the full detail, but it was there. Only his length was different (a little on the shorter side, but I didn’t mind). It still looked so real!

    My Clone-a-Willy Tips (Based on My Experience)

    No doubt, the best way to create your dick mold is with a partner. We made our evening fun and steamy! I don’t recommend going solo, but if you insist, at least treat yourself to a blowjob machine or something!

    You should also expect your partner’s penis length to be shorter. Girthier people may also have some issues. Also, don’t expect the vibrator to be too crazy. It only has one setting, but still decent.  I found that making a Clone a Willey requires patience. Things are messy if you’re not careful. Don’t forget to put down the newspaper and don’t do this over the carpet.  To make your life easier, have everything prepped and ready before starting. Be familiar with the directions.

    Is The Clone A Penis Worth It?

    I know that I loved my experience. I had a fun, sexy night that resulted in a bit of mess and lots of laughter. Maybe I was just lucky, but I don’t think so. I think Joy Love Dolls has the best Clone a Willy kit available.  If you want a fun vibrating Clone a Willy that is identical to your favorite real-life penis, check them out. I have been bragging to my friends about my Clone a Willy for days. I hope you get to brag soon too!

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