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    Complementing love, isolation of sex and warmth

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    Sales of his real love doll soared: complementation of love, isolation of sex and warmth.

    The epidemic of the coronavirus has closed all of us at each location. In an era when contact with this person is harmful and potentially life-threatening, each of us follows the New Normal, which is isolated from social isolation.


    You may be practicing social distance and not dating anyone, but this does not mean that you have to miss sex and have a good time with someone special.


    The flu epidemic and shorter quarantine times have led to a surge in love doll sales. A true love doll adds love, sex, excitement, and warmth to an isolated life. Do you know why people like love dolls? Answer: This is because they are like humans. You can try everything you practiced with your human partner in the past.

    Studies show that love dolls have received hundreds more inquiries than ever before. Orders from single men increased by 51.6% and orders from couples increased by 33.2%.


    At first glance, the reason for this situation is clear. Many of us are in quarantine, with or without intimate partners, as the virus rampages. It’s easy to be laughed at, but the idea that a doll associates with a human when no one is there is not strange at all. (If this sounds a little funny). Now, love dolls aren’t just related to single men, they’re also buying for couples, people with disabilities, and parents whose adult children are socially excluded.


    This may also be a direct curiosity — the desire to “try new things” and “find a solution” can be a good sex experience every time. One more thing to note is that love dolls are ordered by singles and couples-most people are willing to try new things and accept the new normal that came with COVID-19. ..

    Interestingly, this significant increase has witnessed a change in the demographic structure. This is very positive for the love doll industry and love doll users. Single men are not completely correct in choosing a doll as a last resort. What we are seeing now is that the use of dolls will become mainstream for men and women. People are very open and want to try new ways to enjoy a good sex life and want to be open.


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