Friday, February 3, 2023

    Customize a luxury silicone doll to be your most stylish lover

     Silicone doll has 3 personality openings, convenience, feeling and ease of use are closer to the real thing. This luxurious adult silicone doll is molded from 100% TPE material with an integrated metal frame to achieve silicone doll authenticity and durability. She is the most beautiful woman today. We offer you all the professional options: when you want to customize a silicone doll that belongs to you through your own ideas, you will have the opportunity to become a dream love maker. Design smarter weight and beautiful women. It is very convenient to store and carry.

    According to the conditions we provide to you, you can design your silicone dolls with ease. First select the height, skin color and eye color of the glamorous doll. It can also be chosen according to the weight of the silicone doll and the size of the cup. Each silicone doll is designed as a realistic reality woman with 3 personality openings. What you need to pay attention to is the different depth of these 3 personality openings (oral, vaginal and anal). This 148CM realism glamor doll was given the characteristics of Asian women. For more information, please click the picture link to find it.

    silicone male doll

    The most important thing is that the shell of this solid silicone doll is made of 100% TPE material, and the pure metal skeleton is integrated to support this beautiful physical girl. Through this high-quality realistic silicone doll, it can be understood that the TPE material skin is more like the soft skin of a real woman, exuding the fresh fragrance and sweet atmosphere of girls. Discover the love of a real girl. You can contact us through Facebook and we will customize a more stylish lover for you.

    What are you waiting for? Our silicone dolls are very cheap, get to know them quickly, place orders and contact us. Our silicone dolls are ready and orders continue.

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