Friday, February 3, 2023

    Demand for Dutch wife is rising

     Even if you throw away all the rules, there is a trend. Recently, it seems that an elf is included. “The most common [request] I’ve seen is that it looks like an elf,” McMullen tells me. In fact, Thorpe recently worked with brand co-owner Mike Wilson to create an artificial elf ear extension for life-sized dolls.


    This kind of peculiarity is allowed for the cost of each of these love dolls-even welcome-. “The amount they spend on these, you can basically get a new car, do you know?” Thorpe says. And when you drop this kind of cash, you really want to make sure you know what you are getting.

    Interestingly, she also says she drove, forgiving puns, as more fantastic orders seemed to come in. The company advertises, but Thorpe attributed this influx to a good-milk love doll client-based community consciousness. “Our customers, they are so great that sometimes I think it rides the waves,” she says. “They just talk. They share pictures of their sex dolls and works of art on the forums.


    They communicate with each other. For example, “Oh, look at what I got, look at the custom orders I made” or “Look. What could they do for me?” They exchanged information. increase. To be honest, I really believe that more than half of our fantasy requests come from sharing information between our customers.


    This is great.

    This 108cm love doll high satisfaction is important considering not only the cost but also the time it takes to make these custom pieces.

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