Friday, February 3, 2023

    Do you know who is using love dolls?

     Technology has evolved to this day. The latest high simulation entity dolls can’t speak without a heartbeat. They look more beautiful than real people and feel like real people. It is praised by many users.

    Do you know who is using love dolls?

    1. Adults over 18 years old who are single as sexual partners, such as nerds, divorces, widow, etc.

    2. Temporary single man. Temporary single men who cannot have sex with their wives during pregnancy, long-term overseas business trips, frequent overseas business trips

    3. Favorite lovers of humanoid models, cosplay, etc.

    4, movie and TV crew buy to replace the real substitute

    5. Traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture instruction model

    6, art painting model

    7, clothing, jewelry model exhibition

    8, Shopping malls, businesses, and other front desk shopping guides and other unknown areas also use high imitation full silicon entity RealDoll.

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