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    Everything You Need to Know About Sex Doll Brothels and Parlors

    People with a fetish for sex dolls or persons who are willing to satisfy their sexual needs with realistic sex doll are a growing group, increasing the demand doll parlors in various countries. The world’s first sex doll parlor LumiDolls was set up in Barcelona, Spain in February 2017, which was followed by the setting up of many more such parlors around the world due to their increased acceptance. However, setting up of parlor depends on a country’s legislation and other regulatory compliances. Thus, different from brothels, it does not insult women rights nor it is related to any human trafficking or organized crime as the target of sexual actions is a doll. One big driver of doll brothels is that sex doll can help with loneliness, anxiety and even depression.



    At Sex Doll Brothels The Doll Can Get More Customers Than Real Prostitutes

    There is a doll brothel Bordoll in Dortmund, Germany with 11 sex dolls with their own names, identity, height, ethnicity, hair color and breast sizes. One of them looks exactly like a blue-haired Japanese love doll. Wives of many sex parlor visitors can be seen waiting in the car outside the parlors as their husbands enter to have sex with a love doll. Recently, a sex doll “Fanny” became the top-selling superstar of Kontakthof brothel in Vienna, and even got more customers than the real prostitutes.

    There are many popular sex doll parlors around the world; here is few to mention:

    • KinkySDollS – Toronto, Canada
    • The Dolly Parlour – Greenwich, England
    • Xdoll – Paris, France
    • Playmate Dolls – Toronto, Canada
    • LumiDolls – Barcelona, Spain


    Penetration Holes with Unique Texture

    You can choose from female-, male- and transgender sex dolls at these popular parlors.  Top-quality realistic products are made with high tech TPE material which is the closest simulation to real human skin. These lifelike dolls can be used for safe vaginal, anal, oral and breast sex. They have penetration holes with unique texture and tightness and provide you with the level of intense sensation which is hard to achieve even through real penetration.



    Offering Fully Private Environment with Your Love Doll

    Customers can even request how the dolls should be dressed and displayed. With payment been done online or in cash, there will be minimum or no staff interaction with the customers so that you can have access to a fully private environment with your love sex doll to enjoy your all wildest fantasies with her. And it’s not only the men who visit these parlors. As revealed by Graham, the owner of UK’s largest sex doll parlor Lovedoll UK, many women come to these parlors to buy TPE sex dolls for their husbands to keep them from cheating.


    Keeping the Life Like Sex Doll Cleaned and In Hygienic Condition

    While some people won’t mind having sex with a used tiny sex doll, some others won’t even touch such a doll. So, the parlors keep dolls that are cleaned after every use with a specialized formula for TPE silicone for deep cleaning and sterilization. UVC light is also used to eliminate the chances of bacterial infection. Still, it is advised to use lubricant or condoms while having sex with the most realistic sex doll to eliminate the chances of any sexually transmitted diseases. Taking care of the sex doll is easy and that allow Brothels to have short maintenance breaks. Same applies of course for the Joy Love Dolls at your home. They use the same TPE material than Joy Love Dolls. Check here what is the difference between TPE Sex Doll and Silicone Love Doll.  Today’s Love Doll vaginas even look and feel so realistic that you cannot tell the difference.


    How Much a Sex Doll Parlor Cost?

    You may have to spend Up to $100 for 30 minutes of personal time with your favorite life size dolll, though the actual price may vary significantly from parlor to parlor. Some parlors have also come up with male sex dolls to satiate the needs of women customers. AI sex dolls allow them to feel and behave like real people.

    You can do with them whatever you want within reason, and nothing violent. You pay at the beginning, do your personal time with your favorite love doll and just leave. Later on you can even chat with your AI sex robot dolls who can answer and maybe move on their own.



    Sex Doll Brothels Improve Marriages and Lower Crime Rate

    A key benefit of doll parlors is that men with weird fantasies can have them satisfied with a realistic doll partner instead of putting out the urge to act aggressively on real women. This way, they need to feel embarrassed and everyone is safe. These parlors help lower crime rates related to sexual offenses, improve sex life in marriages and provide men and women ways to explore sexual fetishes in a non-judgmental way.


    They have typically all different categories of sex dolls in a brothel, including such as Ebony sex dollBig Breast sex doll, Big booty sex dolls, Curvy sex dollEuropean sex dollSmall breasts sex doll or even a Male Sex Dolls.

    To Conclude Realistic Sex Doll Parlors

    Sex Doll parlors or brothels can help many to satisfy their sexual needs even if a real human connection is hard to attain or simply takes too much time and effort to conquer. Customers may even act a bit weirder with a sex doll than they would with a real person without judgment.



    Opening Your Own Realistic Sex Doll Brothel

    Joy Love Dolls delivers dolls to professional Sex Dolls Parlors in increasing demand. If you are planning to open such a parlor don’t hesitate to contact our customer service at info(at) or out chat in the right-hand side of the page and let’s get you started. From our collections, we can build up a suitable combination to start a real-life doll parlor in no time.

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