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    Features of silicon love dolls and TPE love dolls.

     Introducing the materials for love dolls.

    It is a doll with a shape similar to that of a real woman, mainly for men to enjoy sex in a simulated manner, but love dolls are not limited to sex, but may also be used for pets, viewing, photography, etc. The skin and female genitals are also made of materials and shapes that feel close to the real thing. Many of them have a special onahole that imitates female genitals and can be attached and detached, making cleaning easier. Generally, the head can be replaced, and you can choose your favorite face. Many of them have a metal skeleton inside and their arms and legs can move to maintain various postures. The shape and feel are similar to the real thing, but most of them are relatively short and light in weight. Also, since the body temperature is not reproduced, it is cold to the touch. Silicone, elastomer, soft vinyl, etc. are used as the material corresponding to the skin.

    Silicone love doll

    Many silicone love dolls (silicone dolls) have a built-in skeleton and can be made to pose freely to some extent. Fix the joints and decide the pose so that they will not return to their original state due to the elasticity of the silicone. In addition, since silicone has a high specific gravity, if silicone is used inside, the weight will be closer to that of an actual human being, but since it does not move by itself, it feels heavy when held. Therefore, we are trying to reduce the weight by adding cores such as urethane and fiber reinforced plastic (FRP). The core may double as a skeleton, and also has the role of shaping the shape of the body line. A typical silicone love doll has a triple structure of silicone that acts as a skeleton, core, and skin. It is life-sized and weighs about 30-45 kg. Silicone has high frictional strength but low tear strength, and there is no anus because there is a risk of tearing if an anus is created and used in addition to the vagina. In addition, it is difficult to open the mouth wide and it is difficult to make a fellatio using the mouth, but the feel is being improved by improving the material and the two-layer structure of silicone. In recent years, cute and beautiful faces that are close to real women have been pursued, and there are a wide variety of head types such as neat, gal, and young love dolls. There are also products on the market where the head, torso, arms, and legs can be easily attached and detached, and you can choose the one that suits your taste. The hair is worn with a special wig, but it is also possible to wear a commercially available wig.


    TPE love doll

    The new material, Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), has become popular recently because it is cheaper and softer than silicone. It is said that it feels more like a woman’s skin, but on the other hand, it has the drawback of being easily scratched.


    Soft vinyl love doll

    (Soft vinyl is cheaper than silicone. It is the same material as small soft vinyl dolls that are generally used as figure dolls and toys, but love dolls are almost life-sized and large, so the shape is made only with soft vinyl. It is difficult to keep. Therefore, the shape is maintained by filling the inside with urethane foam etc. Since there is no skeleton and the soft vinyl members are connected to each other, the joint part rotates 360 degrees. Made of high-grade silicone Although it is durable, cheap and lightweight, it does not look like a real thing, it does not feel like a human body, and its breasts are hard.

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