Friday, February 3, 2023

    Flu Silicone dolls bring you a more comfortable experience.

     For many people who are not good at socializing, a perfect silicone doll is a quiet “good girlfriend”. Many people are introverted and often do not know how to get along with others, and even if they get along with others, they do not know how to communicate. For them, the presence of all silicone love dolls is very important, and for many who lack love, they are “good girlfriends” who feed their lives. If you are not confident and have no girlfriend, many people may not be satisfied with their physiology. Long hours can affect your health, but with a complete Silicone RealDoll, their lives have changed a lot. Don’t worry about a lonely night. A well-designed three-dimensional life-size sex doll provides a true feel and a more comfortable experience.

    Half body love body

    A life-sized love doll is a highly modeled sex tool for real people with the following features:

    1. Today’s sex dolls have very high artificial skin, the material is non-toxic and tasteless, they are textured, durable and feel almost the same as real human beings. It is dustproof and easy to clean.

    2. You can move each joint of Onahodor to change all kinds of postures, so you can have a more comfortable experience while using it.

    3. The body temperature of a real doll can be anthropomorphized, and the automatic heating design can heat the vagina and chest to a temperature close to the actual body temperature of 37 ° C to bring it closer to a real human being.

    Currently, the price of a safe and high quality life-sized love doll is generally around 100,000 yen, but as people’s living standards improve and ideas gradually spread, the acceptance of erotic dolls is becoming higher and higher. For those who want high quality,’s adult dolls are a good choice.

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