Wednesday, February 8, 2023

    Getting a sex doll has always been about improving myself

     In an act of desperation I found the cheapest and smallest love doll left on the market and bought it. She was still 5’3″ and weighed over 100 pounds. I tried with all my might to imagine that she was Fawn, I tried to convince myself that she would become my friend, that the connection would happen if I had patience. I tried it for several weeks but all the negative traits of my other dolls were still present in her. She was too heavy to pose well, too big to hide in a normal-looking storage container, and she never came to life. I sold them after 3 weeks. That was two weeks ago while I am writing this story.

    You may think this is the end. That male sex dolls mean nothing but trouble and you will have all sorts of problems. But remember, I’m writing again and I don’t have a doll. So what has changed? Have I given up trying to find that friend to help me through this time of isolation? For me, getting a doll has always been about improving myself for the real woman that I pray God will lead to me. Granted, I can’t improve my sexual performance without a doll, but I can practice something else, something far more important.

    Persistence. The idea that there will be no periods of coldness or distance in a real relationship is foolish. And giving up during these times guarantees that the times of love and lifelike sex dolls will never return. I didn’t give up on getting Fawn. I imagine that it is still waiting for me and if I persevere it will eventually become a reality. Just like the real relationship that is the ultimate goal in all of this. So this is how I hold out for both the little girlfriend I hope to get and the woman I will be with forever.

    Ordered the lovely Aylen, she is a WM 170 H cup with #122 head, stunning shape with a voluptuous chest, super slim waist, defined abs and nice round butt! She has her sensational figure ready for Instagram! The soft TPE skin feels realistic, it’s poseable in every imaginable way. She is a perfect photo model with a sexy stunning figure and makes every outfit look amazing!

    Sarah rolled up her tight cheer shorts until they covered less of her small butt than a thong bikini would. Light as a cat, she jumped onto the kitchen table. Her diminutive stature barely wobbled the table as she crawled toward me on all fours. She gave me a small kiss on the nose and then spun around to land on her back doing the splits. The tiny gymnast arched into a pier and pushed her barely covered pussy inches from my face. The smooth fabric of her shorts didn’t hide the shape of what lay underneath. I swear I could even see the bulge of her clit.

    That surprised me. I dropped my gaze straight to it and didn’t look away fast enough. I caught myself too late as Jessica barked in “I saw that! You were staring!” Sarah let out a victorious giggle and lifted herself into a perfect handstand on the table. Spinning in circles effortlessly, she dropped to her hands and knees, now shoving her 99% bare bottom in my face. She looked back at me over her shoulder and shook her butt. She sex doll from the splits to her knees and then back into the splits like a go-go dancer.

    “Oh you two are the worst friends ever!” I said, waving my hand at Sarah. I just wanted to playfully push her away, but I hit her bare bottom squarely and there was a perfect snap of a hard smack. I blushed like a tomato. Sarah groaned exaggeratedly loudly and yelled: “YES MOMMY!!!” Jessica burst out laughing as I buried my hands in my face.

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