Wednesday, February 8, 2023

    Give your silicone doll a sexy bikini


    Oudoll is the pioneer of innovative silicone dolls. Designed with high quality TPE silicone materials, they also offer new features such as face selection and heating or moaning. Sensors placed on the body and chest can trigger moaning during sex. Trigger your inspiration. The head is detachable, a variety of height, hair and skin colors.
    realistic silicone doll
    Unparalleled realism design, made of silicone around an articulated metal skeleton, which you can put in the position you want. Its extra soft skin will fill your realism and satisfy your sexual desire.
    They are no longer just Japanese “Dutch brides”, they are companions all over the world. So far they are perfect, with three holes available (mouth, vagina and anus) and your incredible realism gives him the posture he wants. Soft to the touch, their suppleness is close to the real female body.
    This amazing adult silicone doll has great design success, real body and reasonable weight, to provide you with more practical and inspirational experience. Coupled with your well-dressed, you will have a beautiful and generous life and leave unforgettable to enjoy.
    Really hard to find the girl, the network of girls you can’t buy, had a feeling of knowing everything. And in reality want to find a girlfriend, to pay more money and mind. There is also the risk of breakage. Our silicone doll will only obey your wishes.

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