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    How to Take Care Joy Love Dolls Realistic Sex Doll?

    When you own a Joy Love Doll Realistic Sex Doll, chances are that you would be using it a lot. It’s an investment on your part and needs care as you would for a pet.

    The most frequent question is “How do I clean my love doll after use?” For this question, we have collected all you need to know in this detailed guide. While taking care of your sex doll it will extend their lifespan for many years, keeping her fresh, clean and sexy and keep her attractive for future pleasure.

    Just a reminder that you need to keep it clean and in hygienic condition for consistent use and need to store it properly to keep safe from pollutants and contaminants. We have conjured some useful sex doll care and storage tips for you here.

    Cleaning your doll is easy and it takes only minutes if you have the right tools and techniques. It is actually so easy that sex doll brothels use the same love dolls and they can sanitize the doll for the next customer in no time. Those have become popular as sex dolls help for anxiety and loneliness. Here is how we recommend doing it with safety and ease.



    Quick Guide Cleaning Your Sex Doll:

    1. You should always clean your doll after any usage or contact with bodily fluid. This is easiest done in the shower or bath with warm water and light soap.  We recommend keeping your doll’s head above water level when taking a bath and cleaning it separately.  When showering your doll keep the head upright position.

    2. After washing your love doll, dry thoroughly with a clean towel to remove excess moisture. Avoid using too much force and scrubbing back and forth but dry her with a soft pushing move with the towel. Do not use a blow dryer as too hot air can sometimes damage the TPE material made skin.

    3. For more delicate care we recommend you can apply baby powder to remove any remaining moisture and keep her skin nice and soft.

    4. If you put makeup on her, that can be removed with damp of laundry detergent or mild soap with warm water. You can use a paper towel or dry cloth to pat her face dry.

    5. The wigs should be washed separately with a mild shampoo, and let them air dry, if you use a blow dryer you risk damaging the hair and pubic hair.

    6. When you buy your doll at Joy Love Dolls you will get some of the most durable and long-lasting dolls on the market. However, we still recommend you take care when moving your doll to avoid any unnecessary bumps, scrapes, or drops.

    7. We recommend storing your doll in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme heat or cold.

    These are the main recommendations for taking care of your TPE Sex Doll.

    Following More Detailed Guide will tell you exactly what to do and what to not do with your doll to ensure its maximal lifespan.



    More Thorough and Detailed Guide for Taking Care of Your Life Like Sex Doll


    TPE Sex Doll Skin Care and Lubricants

    Always use water-based lube while having sex with your life-size sex doll. It will help in better vaginal, anal and oral penetration without fear of damaging the doll.

    If your love doll’s skin becomes tacky to touch, clean her with a good quality renewal powder to make her skin velvety smooth again. Read more about what is the difference between TPE Sex Doll and Silicone Love Doll.



    Bathing Your Love Doll

    While bathing your realistic sex doll with a mild soap, never allow her head and neck to submerge deep into the water. Use a soft fabric towel to cleanse and dry her skin. Use of hair dryer is not advised as it can make her skin tough and also degrade the quality.

    Bath your doll after a month’s gap using a mild antimicrobial soap.


    Cleaning of Vagina, Anus, and Mouth of a Lifelike Sex Doll

    Vaginal Irrigator

    A “vaginal irrigator” or enema bulb is the right tool for washing your doll vagina thoroughly. The right way to use this irrigator is to fill it with soap and water then use it softly to flush out and clean your doll’s vagina from inside. Please do this right after use of your doll to ensure the ease and the best results. We recommend doing the initial flushing with cold water then switch to warm water and mild soap to sanitize. Check here how the sex doll vaginas look like.

    Vaginal irrigators or bulbs are very inexpensive and easy to use. We recommend doing this cleaning operation in a shower room where you can let the water run out of her without making a mess. Vaginal irrigators are the best tool for cleaning your sex doll after use.



    Luffa on a Stick

    If you want to make one extra step cleaning your love dolls inners parts, we recommend a Luffa on a stick.  Luffa helps you to gently scrub inside of your doll’s vagina, anus, and mouth. This is especially helpful if you haven’t been so careful in the first place and over time some fluids have left inside of your doll. Soft scrubbing will help you remove any residue left inside. Be careful not to stick it too hard to the bottom or with any metalcore on the luffa. That might damage your doll penetrating holes. Overtime any residue may begin to smell or compromise the material of your doll so it is important to take good care in the cleansing.



    Handheld Shower Head

    A handheld showerhead is also a clever option to make it easier clean your real like sex doll. These handheld showerheads allow you to position the stream of water straight inside the penetration holes (but always softly) and clean out the inner parts effectively. If possible us adjustable stream settings so that you can turn it up to high pressure but thicker stream setting.  With enough pressure and right angle for the stream, you’ll be able to quickly flush out your doll in seconds.


    Squirt Water Bottle

    Last but not least for cleaning your dolls inner parts, any water bottle with a squirting mouthpiece can be used for making a stream of water purged to the vaginal to remove all body fluids similarly as a vaginal irrigator. Simply follow the guides for the vaginal irrigator above.


    To Summarize Vaginal Cleaning

    Clean your sex doll’s vagina, anus, and mouth after use to prevent the growth of bacteria as TPE material is porous and bacteria can stay in it.

    Start by flushing the orifices with mild antimicrobial soap using an irrigator or shower head. Rinse the canals with a vaginal irrigator to ensure deep cleansing. Wipe the canal with a dry clean towel using your fingers, and be very gentle while doing so.

    Once your doll is dried, apply renewal power inside and out to keep its subtle, soft and velvety touch alive.


    Care for Removable Vagina

    Apply renewal powder on the outside of the replaceable vagina and inside of the doll before inserting the replaceable vagina.

    Follow the above-mentioned cleaning tips to clean the removable vagina of your love doll. The same guides apply to clean both fixed and removable vagina inside.


    Skeleton Care of Your Joy Love Doll

    Your realistic sex doll has fixed and moveable joints to provide her more flexibility and multiple positions for sex. It’s quite normal for your love doll to have some modification traces and marks at these parts.

    • Do not leave the arms and legs of your love doll widely spread for a longer period than needed as the stress may cause tearing. Always bring your doll back to her stress-free position with arms down and legs closed when you are not using her.
    • Take care not to drop her, knock her on surfaces or drag on the floor as it will bring down her quality and lifespan.
    • Do not spread her limbs too much and do not apply extreme force on her to prevent damage to her skeleton and skin.
    • Your doll has enhanced wrists to support her own weight; nevertheless, it is advisable to provide her support by placing pillows or furniture beneath her torso when engaging in doggy style sex with her.
    • Do not leave her in a bent position for long to prevent body deformation.
    • Do not leave her standing for long as this may damage her stance.

    Like humans, real-life sex dolls can make and hold multiple positions but if you keep the weight too long for small areas or few joints like wrists, it does not make good. The skeleton structure is bendable and flexible but for longer periods always remember to “pack” your doll to safeguard positions limbs collected close to its body and weight distributed to larger areas and back or with a proper hanging hook with always feet on the ground. More about the hanging hooks later in this guide.



    Sex Doll Clothing Care

    Do not put oil soluble clothing and pigments on your sex doll.

    Your doll’s clothing should be color transfer resistant. Avoid darker color clothing as it may bleed and cause discoloration.  Stain cleaner may be used to remove most stains.

    Keep your doll away from inks, paints, dark-colored material, newspapers and magazines with colored prints as these items may stain her.

    Dust the doll’s skin and clothes with renewal powder.

    Dust off the remnants to bring back the subtle softness of her skin.


    Wig and Hair Care

    Remove the wig from her head and clean it with a mild shampoo and conditioner. Let it dry of its own, gently comb it from the bottom up and then put it again on her head. More about taking care of sex doll wigs here.


    Be Responsible While Making Love with Her

    Avoid sharing your real life sex doll with others to eliminate the chances of infection.

    Be gentle with her and treat her like a real lady! Then she will treat you back like a real man deserves.


    Realistic Love Doll Hooks and Storing

    Proper storage of your sex doll is very important for keeping her in the best condition to perform with you, and also for keeping her usable for long without early wear and tear. So, here we have come up with some useful storage tips for your lovely sex doll.

    • Cover your doll with a protective soft cloth blanket.
    • Avoid dark or black color clothes as it may stain her.
    • Do not hang your doll from the neck freely as the stress and strain may cause deformation over a period of time.
    • Make sure that your sex doll’s feet are on the floor when you store her vertically. This will help in distributing the forces evenly across your doll’s body, and prevent deformation of her skeleton.
    • Use 100% natural cotton muslin dust bags to envelop your sex doll, protecting her from dust and dirt, a and also providing a degree of privacy to her.
    • Different type of hooks, bolts and chains are available to adjust your doll to hang. You can find them at our “Hooks and Storing” section or just ask us to provide to you with your new sex doll and we pick you suitable options.
    • Use closet bar suspension to keep your doll from structural failures. These closets include protection for your doll’s body to securely suspend her without anything pressing against her soft TPE skin.
    • If you do not have closet space, we can provide you strong and sturdy hanging rack constructed with heavy-weight plumbing pipe in a gorgeous finish. It also comes with room for her clothing or storing an additional doll.


    With these doll hook and storing care tips, you could go out with the assurance that your lovely sex doll is safely and securely stored without any flattening creases that might occur when you leave her in a seated position, lying on the bed or in a box. You will always find her in the best condition to welcome you when you need her again for sexual pleasures.

    Enjoy your time with your new Joy Love Dolls Love Doll and if you didn’t already have one, check out our best selling realistic sex dolls  and AI sex doll Robots

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