Sunday, February 5, 2023

    I don't allow fans to know about it.

      I know you are very interested in it. As long as you read this article in July, I won’t let you down.

    It is the first welfare since the creation of According to our traffic data analysis, the number of people who have recently accessed is increasing. We will issue a coupon at the end of July. In order to take her you like to her house, we will issue the first coupon since the site was created. This coupon (number: applies to all products on the website. Full price 2% OFF !! Please refer to the usage example below.

    Love doll coupon

    We recommend the most popular products since this February.

    GYNOID love doll

    World-class man-made (GYNOID) love doll No. 5 Yui-chan

    Features: World-class Hollywood make-up, blood vessels, redness, etc. are all painted on the whole body, and a human-like skin pattern is completely reproduced by a special manufacturing method. The line of sight is movable, the knuckles are movable, and the skeleton of the body has a wide range of movement.

    Pretty real doll

    “Reiko-chan” T100 B60 W42 H60 Pretty Real Doll

    She may bring a brilliant youth and new inspiration to your life! We will deliver the ultimate pleasure of “genuine” to you. In pursuit of her comfort, the softness of the body has improved compared to conventional products.

    We hope you can find your favorite doll here.

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