Friday, February 3, 2023

    I Might Just Soak Mini Sex Dolls In Warm Water


    Larry’s real Mini Mini Sex Doll wig needs cleaning. Someone mentioned it, or I thought they did it, can you successfully clean your wig with a mixture of conditioner and water? Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks. So far, I’ve dipped the wig in the mixture and moved it, then rinsed thoroughly with cold water. Now it hangs in my shower dripping dry. It’s rayon. They recommend using a similar shampoo method and then hang or blow dry at low heat / high temperature.

    I have been using it no problem, the wigs of Mini Mini Sex Dolls are as soft, colorful and vibrant as the day they were pulled out of the box. I use herbal extracts just like I apply to my hair. I heard about it somewhere, can you also use fabric softener and detergent on artificial wigs? I just want to make sure I’m doing it right, his long hair wig won’t fall apart, lol! I think most color-safe laundry detergents are fine for synthetic wigs, but they can be washed off due to the higher concentration.

    I prefer to use shampoo because I often use hair spray and also use scent to wet the wig, otherwise I might just soak the Mini Mini Sex Doll in warm water to remove the dust and dry them. I will look for it in my local beauty supply store. I think Larry’s long hair wig should be dried in the morning, just like I checked a while ago, it’s now quick-drying.

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