Friday, February 3, 2023

    I Think The Site Is Getting Real Mini Sex Dolls

    In addition to these weight standards, etc., even if I have some trouble in projecting the size, this model is my favorite model. About 6 months ago, I stumbled across these real Mini Sex Doll on the Internet through such browsing (not really that many). At first, I was attracted by this universe, then by the beauty of dolls and plastic, and I (naturally) asked myself the question of shopping.

    At the time, I said to myself, well, you don’t spend that much money, and then through the consulting site, I quickly realized that maintenance, storage are also subject to many restrictions, customization, etc … so I stopped there. Eventually, after six months, I found it still appealing to me, and suddenly, I wanted to get it to experiment and fix it.

    Athena – C Cup Small Waist Short Hair Real Mini Sex Doll

    To avoid the wrong choice, I think the site is the best place to get the right information for real Mini Sex Dolls. So thank you in advance for your experience and sharing. Assuming 160 is still heavy, I think I read somewhere that weight has an impact on envelopes, especially when standing. Excluding these set weight standards, etc., this model is the stroke of the heart, even though I have a little trouble with the size of my project.

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