Friday, February 3, 2023

    I Told You Something About Wm Real Mini Sex Dolls


    For your real Mini Sex Doll purchase, I suggest you refer to the sales website yourself, I have to buy the doll on the love doll (website store), this is the admin of the forum (Bruno), this is the only person who sells the doll and arrives at them Control it in France and ensure repairs and after-sales services, especially on eBay and AliExpress. Do n’t buy counterfeit or poor-quality dolls. Others are talking about the same person here, you can assume it is with a sublime doll! If you order through the brand that corresponds to your photo referenced on the forum, you will not be disappointed unless you don’t like this touch or extra weight.

    In WM, the main difference between objects is their size (161, 157, 165, etc.). B cup or D cup is just a “description” of the body. Of course, you can choose the head you want from all the heads of WM, and you can even choose which head from other brands is suitable for the WM body, but I am not sure which one Which body is the brand compatible with, so I don’t want to talk nonsense. No need to visit the showroom under the broad daylight! Went there when I went to find the doll. Frankly, if I knew I would go before ordering.

    I think we have told you something about wm real Mini Sex Dolls. Usually, the favorite is correct, but if you are not used to bearing the smallest weight, you must be cautious in this regard. Its weight ranges from the lightest 23 kg to the heaviest 53 kg. This is a lovely summary, it is good for me, the heel is not thin enough, but it can guide me well. In addition to staying awake in color, I’ve also seen a girl of the same sex on the subway.

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