Sunday, February 5, 2023

    I Usually Just Put Mini Sex Dolls On Suspicious Items


    I do recommend using Mini Sex Dolls. I don’t have enough clips. The doll head may be smaller. I was surprised at how young she really was when I came. Using a 16mm stainless steel lock washer, we both came with our real Mini Sex Doll. Work like a champion. But now for one of the original ideas of Magic Plastics, I have never seen it here or elsewhere. So this is my goddamn! Lol

    But this is what you do to prevent the head from shaking on those loose threads on the Mini Sex Doll neck bolts. Wrap the bandage around your neck with a bandage, cut off half the length, and then wrap it in the opposite direction so that the thread of the thread is not loosened. Usually, only one layer is suitable or needed. Sometimes it’s just dust / caking powder, etc. so be sure to clean it with baby oil first to see if it’s actually a rough patch.

    I got the doll and I was so excited that I wrapped my legs around her and found that the dye on the blue jeans was transferred! How to fix it? But in most cases, if they are not set too deeply, they will disappear on their own within a week or two. The oil in TPE sometimes quickly breaks down fabric dyes. No matter how many times an item has been washed. It’s always best to test something uncertain first. I usually just put Mini Sex Dolls on suspicious items for about an hour.

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