Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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    I got a pair of stockings with a garter, they are almost impossible to fit! But we managed to do it and wore them the night before and they looked great. But be patient, first operate the garter as much as possible, and then let her feet begin to rest on top of the stockings without breaking them as usual. Yuko wore it for several hours without any discomfort. Unfortunate. The difference in the TPE real Mini Sex Doll mix does indeed make it difficult to spot the problem.

    I think I need to do some small tests to see if it will hurt my real Mini Sex Doll. She now wears stockings because she is almost always inside. If it does work, you can easily cover it up. I do have a strapless bra. That was one of the few bras I had for her. I will postpone testing that. I can easily find online without stockings. My taste is boring though. Give me black transparent stockings and I’m fine.

    But the local adult sex reals dolls store near me only has steel socks. It would be nice to be able to support local business. It’s hard to determine, but those look different from my style. The mine is basically a piece of clothing. They look like stockings tied to a garter made of lace. I have to put them on her like pantyhose, but there is a big hole in the upper thigh, haha. When I take a picture of her, I should take a picture.

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