Wednesday, February 8, 2023

    Love dolls and hedonism

     Are we hedonists through life-loving adult dolls? That’s the question I’m trying to shed some light on in this column today.

    According to Wikipedia, hedonism is “a philosophical or ethical flow in which only pleasure or pleasure and pain or distress avoidance is essentially the basic theory that develops its effect. Only momentary joy is oriented. Selfish attitude. “

    Human egoism is defined not only by love for love dolls, but also by the “perfect work” of life, so we become egoists through RealDoll and rather answer “no”. Of course, egoism also prioritizes joy and joy over everything else, and it is also about living only after that.

    As explained later in Wikipedia, our society is mostly hedonistic. Companies are often on the road to one “kick to next”. Of course, in addition to excessive parties, alcohol and drugs, sex is an expression of momentary joy, and if you find the right way to do so, sex can of course be exercised purely selfishly.

    Sex dolls offer the best conditions. You can always have sex with her as you wish and as technically feasible. You can also avoid being punished with love dolls-if you want-try to do little even commercial sex otherwise. Love dolls are the easiest way to make sex a pleasure.

    Love dolls are not always spontaneous sex

    But that’s not the only aspect of the coin. With the preferred variants of rubber dolls, this approach may actually sound very reasonable. Basically, it can be disposed of after using it once, it costs little, and it does not require a lot of labor. Rubber dolls are easy to buy at Doll Park and other erotica suppliers, can be easily dumped in the trash, and are light so you can really do anything.

    But with a real sex doll made of TPE or a variant of silicon, things look different.

    Take the beautiful silicone doll Leeloo as an example. It applies to what you can get with a sex doll, as the best, in addition to some other variants. She looks perfect, is faithful to life and life-size, has a great skeleton, and her oral function-and other variants-is at the top. Also, there is little quality in this segment and nothing is the most expensive real love doll in Doll Park.

    However, the current joy-based attitude does not work permanently in Leeloo. As it weighs more than 40 kg, it must accept the properties and movement limitations of silicon. You have to use her power and plan to have good sex with her. Also, permanent cleaning, care and maintenance of them cannot be ignored. Non-millionaires can’t come up with the idea of ​​throwing away the Leeloo silicone doll after use, especially with heavy packaging and her very tedious procurement is also a professional disposition, so it won’t be done right away.


    Real Doll and the realization of long-term wishes

    A hedonistic approach (in the current sense) is only partially possible, as love dolls are works of art and several things must be considered. As a prostitute, I pay, she does what I want, cleans herself, and returns. Adult dolls do nothing on their own. It’s completely different.

    It’s not for anything that real love doll lovers often start to consider them valuable and affectionate. Love dolls need attention and awaken our territory as we move from pure consumption to hedonistic philosophical considerations.

    Let’s take it as an example.

    Love dolls are more than just achieving momentary joy for me. It fulfills a deep inner spiritual desire, love, tenderness, and a desire for peace of mind. These wishes may somehow be selfish, but it’s not the voluntary number of voluntary kicks I need, but it creates my inner satisfaction that goes much deeper.

    The conclusion is as follows. Love dolls can turn us into hedonists, but they don’t have to. And it can make her so wonderful and tell her how much hedonists we are and how far away she is.

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