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    Our MINI SEX DOLL Predictions (For 2022)

    MINI SEX DOLLs have gone from the realm of science fiction and fantasy to reality in just the last decade or so, and while there are still some kinks to work out, they’re becoming increasingly popular among people of all demographics. In fact, some even argue that MINI SEX DOLLs could be the first step toward achieving sexual equality between men and women! However, we’ll need to see how trends with MINI SEX DOLLs develop in the next few years before we can truly say whether this will happen or not. Until then, here are our predictions for 2022!

    People Will Continue Buying MINI SEX DOLLs

    The year 2022 is still a long way off, but it’s never too early to start speculating. Our guess? In the next couple of years, MINI SEX DOLLs will be mainstream. At least, they’ll be as ubiquitous as vibrators are today. Why? Because in a few short years, we’ll have seen more changes to MINI SEX DOLLs than we’ve seen in decades past.

    On-demand pornography and AI companions will take away many of our doubts about sex with robots (and women). Artificial intelligence itself might even cause us to question what makes us human in relation to these non-biological forms of life – or maybe that’s just science fiction.

    Larger Selection of MINI SEX DOLLs

    With more and more people being open about their sexual preferences, there will be an increasing demand to provide customers with a larger selection of MINI SEX DOLLs based on body type, hair colour, eye colour, race, and more. Even though there’s a pretty big selection of MINI SEX DOLLs today, there are always more things people would change to create their perfect companion for lonely nights.

    The upcoming prevalence of virtual reality will play a big role in that increased need. People want realistic partners that not only look like them but also feel like them – and that is easier said than done! Fortunately, we’re beginning to see an expansion in customization options when it comes to MINI SEX DOLLs. More types of MINI SEX DOLLs are available now than ever before.

    Design Changes on MINI SEX DOLLs

    In our MINI SEX DOLL predictions, we expect to see smaller, more flexible dolls with more realistic features. There’s a big market in Asia for MINI SEX DOLLs at a smaller scale, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see manufacturers target that market with an even more petite version of their most popular models.

    As 3D printing becomes less expensive and evolves past its clunky phase, we can also expect to see movement towards even more customizable dolls – imagine downloading your favourite celebrity’s face onto your next companion! The main trend is functionality and realistic features; new materials will also become common in manufacturing to make dolls feel even more life-like. And, speaking of lifelike features…

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    Introducing AI to these life-like MINI SEX DOLLs will definitely be a game-changer. With AI, the possibilities will be endless! Although current MINI SEX DOLLs have a pretty realistic look, there’s a huge part missing – character. Once this is achieved, MINI SEX DOLLs will become the best thing that anyone could buy in order to satisfy their most primal urge.

    Getting to hear dirty talk, moans, screams and having eye-interaction during intercourse is something that’s missing from current models of MINI SEX DOLLs. With AI, this will be possible and it will offer a completely different experience.

    Heightened Interest in MINI SEX DOLLs

    People will start to realize that MINI SEX DOLLs can serve a purpose beyond sexual satisfaction. The connection that you form with your MINI SEX DOLL is largely psychological, so it’s important to choose one that feels right. In addition, there are accessories like clothing and wigs available in order to make your doll look and feel as real as possible. After all, it’s not just their boobs and ass that make them lovable – we love spending time with our dolls because of who they are to us.

    Many sex-doll manufacturers are in pursuit of creating a more human-like MINI SEX DOLL, though improvements still need to be made; nobody wants a replica of themselves or someone else they know. That’s the beauty of it – people will be able to create the perfect MINI SEX DOLL based on their needs, requirements and will be limited only by their imagination.

    MINI SEX DOLLs Will Be More Affordable

    Artificial intelligence and 3D printing technology will help MINI SEX DOLL prices drop dramatically. And with more and more people starting to use these products, companies will be looking to lower prices in order to continue growing their customer base.

    The quality of MINI SEX DOLLs will increase as well; we’ll see an increase in realistic materials, making them feel much more human than they do now. Lower price tags also mean that MINI SEX DOLLs will become an accessible product for those living on a tighter budget – and not just those buying for pleasure. The result is that intimacy products could start becoming commonplace in households across America and other regions, as others begin to use MINI SEX DOLLs for companionship or other non-sexual purposes.

    MINI SEX DOLLs Won’t Be Considered Taboo As Much

    A lot of people have a negative view of MINI SEX DOLLs, but that’s slowly changing. In 2016, The New York Times reported that Americans are buying more MINI SEX DOLLs than ever before. A 2016 survey found that 25 percent of people in relationships or marriages would consider buying one. Another study found more than 80 percent would be open to trying MINI SEX DOLLs if they were more available.

    With technology and attitudes advancing, MINI SEX DOLL owners are starting to become less frightened about what others would think if they knew they owned a MINI SEX DOLL, and it won’t be long until being a MINI SEX DOLL owner is as normal as having a vibrator under your bed. Once stigma goes away so will much of the taboo around owning MINI SEX DOLLs and how people perceive them.

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