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    People in Germany are very open to sex

    The German people have an extremely open attitude to sex. No matter where you go, you can’t avoid someone talking to you about the controversial aspects of sex. If you show a trace of embarrassment, you are considered a psychological barrier. The sex industry in Germany also extends to cities. The prostitutes of Hamburg’s red light district appeared with three-point turns in the window, and their openness was almost comparable to that of the red light district of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


    Germans often mock Americans for not letting go of sexual issues and say that Americans export Hollywood tertiary films and the concept of sexual freedom to the world, but they cannot tolerate their own president’s indiscretions on sexual issues. In Germany this is all normal. When you go out on the street or turn on the TV, you see naked pictures at every turn. It’s a bit surprising: is this a German known for his austerity and conservatism?


    Tilly-Sexy Longlegged Love Doll


    People in Germany received an education in sexual physiology at the age of thirteen or fourteen. Free contraceptives are available everywhere on campus and in stores. A survey shows that more than 90% of 18-year-old high school students had sex. In the German conception, the so-called “chastity concept” and the “hymen complex” are the suppression of women’s sexual rights and have long been thrown aside by history. The worldwide popular love doll sex dolls were proposed for the first time by the Germans.


    In the eyes of the German people, sexual rights are also human rights and are sacred and inviolable. Many Germans divorce because of their sex life and the divorce rate is up to 40%. Living together and singleness are the choice of most modern Germans. The roommates are financially independent and take care of each other emotionally. Some have lived together for decades and marry when they are old. And most young people who are married have a long history of living together. In fact, individuals also have irregular cohabitations and maintain sexual partnerships.


    In the family, husbands and wives attach great importance to the quality of sex life: children generally need to sleep early, dinner needs to be carefully prepared, candlelight on the dining table flickers, quiet music from the sound, husband and wife use eyes, words and intimacy with each other Prepare the way for a good night together. If the husband acts violently against the wishes of his wife, he can be charged with “rape in marriage”.


    Long-legged love doll Tilly


    In German hotels, it is a matter of course for men and women to stay in the same room, and no marriage certificate is required. Regardless of whether it is a travel group or a team of university internships, the accommodation consists of two people in one house who can be accompanied free of charge regardless of gender. Even if two known partners of the opposite sex live together, they often do not hurt each other and there is no war on the Western Front.


    Germany’s naked sunbathing is very famous. In summer you can often see groups of people lying on their backs or sunbathing in the outdoor pool and on the beach. Once upon a time there was a countrywoman from China who ventured into the naked crowd and wanted to experience the taste of sunbathing. But as soon as she went in, she became shy again. She was embarrassed to untie her black dress a few times, and she had no choice but to lie down in her dress. Within two minutes she knew that she had escaped bored. She then said that she was the only black monster among the white crowds on the beach that day. In fact, among the naked people who focus on sunbathing, everyone closes their eyes and rests. No one’s looking at you. It’s all your own bad conscience and can’t let go.


    People in Germany have their own explanations for sexual openness. They said that the personality of the German people should take everything seriously, and the same goes for sex. Since sex is a natural feature of man, there is no need to avoid it, which is not surprising. The relatively low rate of sex crimes in Germany can explain the problem. The German said, “Sex taboos are our old almanac 30–40 years ago. Without Adam and Eve, who are naked and steal the forbidden fruits in the Garden of Eden, how can there be people of God like us?”


    As a German, do you make the above statement?

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