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    Please consider carefully before purchasing your models doll

     By looking at the problem from a different angle, you will have more discoveries.

    I believe that the old doll users who have already learned, and now the doll on the network, there are a variety of different styles, and the style can be divided into the following: material, size, style, shape and the price.

    luxury silicone doll

    Materials: Inflatable dolls have been gradually replaced. The most popular now is TPE silicone and traditional silicone two forms. TPE is a styrenic thermoplastic elastomer blend material which is the most elastic, smooth and supple feature of human skin. Traditional silica is an inorganic silicon compound, insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic, tasteless, chemically relatively stable.

    Traditional silicone is harder than TPE silicone and is too amorphous material. TPE is a soft, clear and flexible material. TPE is usually heat resistant 80-100°C, silica gel usually can withstand high temperature 100-150°C.

    Size: Recommended on our online store real dolls 100cm~170cm is for you to choose, is more popular on the market size. The data is for reference only. You can customize your own unique models doll according to your needs. We will be the fastest speed for you to create the perfect partner, and the shortest time by your side.

    Style: There are many styles and types of dolls. In Europe, America, Asia, and even Africa, there are three skin color decisions (white, yellow, and black).

    realistic doll

    Shape: There are several sizes of breasts and cups on the dolls featured on our website. Each doll is very full. 3 The individual openings (oral, vaginal and anal) also have different sizes. To meet the higher demands and choices of users.

    Price: Traditional silicone dolls cost a lot more than TPE silicone ones. Price data on many online stores shows that the price of silicone is several times higher than that of TPE. And each type of material has advantages and disadvantages. Considering your current situation, it is recommended that you consider carefully before purchasing the doll. I hope to help you.

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