Friday, February 3, 2023

    Sex dolls are sold as everyday items

    The adult adventure hall is currently in a gray area, can only be operated covertly, which is one of the reasons why I chose the location away from the busy shopping area in the first place. According to the owner of Zero Point Adult Experience, the love dolls are used as chemical products for everyday use, and no regulator has come to inspect his store since it opened.

    But this way down, the cost of adult male sex dolls is also higher. In order to save costs, many companies only use silicone to make the doll’s head and choose the cheaper TPE material for the body.

    “Our semi-silicone type lifelike sex dolls generally ship for 7,000 yuan, full silicone dolls are also over 20,000 yuan, Japanese imports are generally around 50,000 yuan, and some branded products as high as 80,000 yuan.” Zhang Yi betrayed.

    Offline sales can offer new opportunities. Another example on which day your robot wants to do a threesome how? If you can customize the appearance of the VR sex robot, your wife occasionally wants to “have fun” with Robin Wu, you may be reluctant to accept it, but one day she changed the appearance of the robot into the old king next door? I’m afraid no one can answer that question.

    The 10th National (Guangzhou) Sex Culture Festival opened in Guangzhou, in addition to the fundamental similarities with previous sessions of the exhibition content, but also entered the high simulation of heavy inflatable sex doll and ancient sexual culture treasures. With the development of society, the popularity and openness of sex culture has been greatly improved, this year’s festival is held from the content of the “open scale”.

    This year, the Guangzhou Sex Culture Festival was held for the tenth time, and the exhibitions and various shows at this year’s festival attracted up to 3 million people, although mainly middle-aged and elderly people. It can be seen that visitors are still looking at the festival with a curious attitude.

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