Friday, February 3, 2023

    sex shop near me Sex dolls have high gross profits but are struggling to sell

    At present, the market is mostly low-end products, the lack of private labels, the rise of a large number of products for love dolls e-commerce in 2013, but most entrepreneurs began to put the innovation point on the channel and marketing, do only a few products. This status quo just for entrepreneurs to bring great opportunities, erotic products technology threshold is not high.

    The difference lies in the product quality, which tests the entrepreneur’s ability to integrate resources, harness the resources of excellent domestic suppliers, take advantage of the production and cost advantages of Chinese manufacturers, and operate their own brands. Improve the ability of the product and service side, speed up product iteration, and improve the industry standards of male sex dolls, which will be the opportunity for the development of China’s own adult goods brands.

    Although the gross profit of lifelike sex doll products is high, it is difficult to hide the sales dilemma. The health sector found that the financial statements of some companies on the New Third Board, the main production or sale of adult products, almost no consecutive fiscal year to achieve positive net profit, even if the industry recognized love couple health, Chun Shui Tang, he fun stocks, etc.

    In the overall global sex doll industry, the European and American markets are more conducive to the development of adult products industry than the domestic market due to the early start and degree of cultural openness. Reproductive health products as consumer goods, the development of developed countries abroad is widely accepted, the market development is more mature, the market scale growth is more stable.

    The domestic industry has shown a high growth rate with the change in the social concept and the improvement of the political environment in China. After years of development, the domestic adult products industry has taken shape in the domestic market.

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