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    The correct choice of doll clothes can prevent the doll's skin from being damaged


    Now clothes are optional, but some people like to have cute outfits for their dolls. It is important to mention, because often people will get the wrong material in terms of clothes, which can cause the shine of the silicone doll to drop. However, it is easy to get the right kind of clothes, and easy to take care of the skin so that it glows much longer.
    The first thing is that if you start to realize that the skin is much more sticky, it shouldn’t be like that. Sticky skin is often the result of oils you may have on your skin. These are naturally occurring oils, but with the nature of the skin this often causes problems as it is usually harder to fix if you are not careful, and it can ruin the overall feel of the doll.
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    However, the best way to fix this is to make sure you dust the doll in a light manner with whatever renewing powder you can get. You should try to do this after cleaning and drying the doll, and it will make the skin velvety and smooth. It’s also more than that, because it will prevent a sex doll’s skin from tearing, so be sure to watch out for that. This is very important in TPE sex dolls over anything else, as the skin tends to be more porous and prone to problems.
    you need to make sure that when choosing clothes for your sex doll that it does not transfer colors. What this means is that you need to make sure that you choose clothes that will not transfer into the skin. With a TPE sex doll, the skin is so porous that sometimes, in some cases, the darker colors that might be on the clothes will bleed through and cause color issues on the doll. These are often seen as small spots. However, they are extremely difficult to remove, and in some cases even impossible for certain stains if they cannot be removed. If you need stain removal, you can get a sex doll stain remover to help remove that.
    When choosing clothes, you need to make sure that you don’t put your sex doll with things that have inks on them. This can include any kind of dark-colored book, a piece of leather-related material, or even a newspaper and magazine. There are also oil-soluble pigments that you should be careful with. They are also extremely absorbent in the doll, so if you are going to put your doll somewhere, make sure she is not on the surface of paper items, as this can often cause a lot of trouble when you are. re watching a sex doll.

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