Friday, February 3, 2023

    The most embarrassing birthday party ever for a sex doll

     “Are you done yet?” I groaned. “This is officially the most embarrassing birthday party ever.” “Oh, we’re far from done. We have to give you your presents now.” Jessica said taking my hand off my face. “And what is that? My own giant rubber penis (adult sex toy)?” I said, “Oooh, so she’s thinking of the ‘D’,” Sarah cut in. “But no. As funny as they are, we have something better in mind. And it will help you get some real action. We’re going shopping, and not someplace your mom would take you. We’re going to Clare’s Erotica and we won’t leave until you have your own secret love doll with the sexiest lace, leather and satin we can find.”

    I gave them both a playful look and marched upstairs to change. Before I could even put on my nice pair of jeans and a better t-shirt, Jessica stormed into my room. She was wearing a flowered sundress; her short black hair was tucked behind her ear with a flower, and she was clearly not wearing a bra. The cleavage line spilling out of the V-neck of the sundress and the flashing nipples made that clear.

    Sarah hopped in beside her, wearing a similarly short sundress. Her waist-length red hair was braided in a ponytail like the Irish princess we were sure she was. Her perky little breasts were treated just as wirelessly, although the black of her dress made her lifelike sex doll appear at least a little less happy.

    Clare’s Erotica scared me. But in a good way. It was on the second floor of a downtown high-rise mall. You had to be 18 to even use the stairs or the elevator that took you upstairs. I would never have told Sarah and Jessica this, but as I handed my ID to the high-rise security guard, my heart began to race.

    The fact that I felt naked with no bra and basically no panties in such a loose-fitting, short sex doll maybe added to my excitement. If I leaned forward even a little bit, my butt was sure to show. A fact that didn’t seem to bother Sarah and Jessica as they almost ran out of the elevator to hold the door to Clair’s open for me. Even the slight wobble of their clothes as they moved made the black thong peek out.

    Clare’s was a place where I imagined all the glamor models shopping. The floor was black marble, the pillars were mirrored, and the silver shelves were lined with the finest lingerie and formal dresses. And everything smelled of cherry and vanilla.

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