Sunday, February 5, 2023

    The sex doll care aspect is not an issue at all

     I’m in my mid 20’s and have been single for a few years but having gotten into love doll escapades in the past. I found that no matter how many women I slept with, I never felt like I could have a relationship with them. This finally brought me to a personal realization as I got older and my perspective on self-reliance had changed.

    Sleeping with women you barely know might as well be a game of poker, except the pots are filled with life-changing chips. This seemed far too risky for my future plans and kept me from feeling comfortable with the casual male sex doll I was a part of.

    That decision didn’t go unnoticed because now I haven’t been getting laid and everyone has their lifelike sex dolls. I like to solve problems and I really crave new experiences. Whenever I come across a new way of solving a problem, I’m very open to taking the chance.

    The shopping experience was easy and quick. When she arrived I was very surprised how good she felt and how amazing she looked (of course the huge breasts and especially her tender and beautiful lips). I also had to adjust to the weight, although I’m quite athletic, a “lifeless” body is different to handle and that shouldn’t be underestimated. But believe me… it’s worth it and she’ll thank me 😉

    Sina got her name sometime later as I wasn’t able to find a name when I got her and now she’s been with me for more than two years and I can still say I’m intrigued (the maker did a great job creating this doll model). The sex doll aspect is not a problem, I even like doing it. I mainly use Sina as a kind of model, for me she is a piece of art that I like to dress up/photograph and bring to life.

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