Sunday, February 5, 2023

    Two main functions of the intelligent real doll

     Platinum silicone is a type of medical grade silicone that is widely used in smart plastics. Compared to regular silicone solid dolls, smart platinum silicone solid dolls are made with high quality imported silicone raw materials, two-component additive molding vulcanizers, and traditional hardeners. It has the advantages of environmental protection, high efficiency and tastelessness, high hygiene level, high transparency after molding, anti-yellowing, non-toxic and tasteless, long life, physiological inactivity, and resistance to biological aging. ..

    The smart entity love doll has two main functions.

    One, smart body temperature

         Adjusted by an equipped infrared remote control, all parts of the body can reach 37 degrees of human body temperature, closer to the senses of real people.

    2. Intelligent pronunciation

         High-Tech Intelligent Chip Through the high-tech intelligent chip sensor, the high-tech intelligent chip uses high-tech intelligent technology to achieve high-fidelity sound, and the high-tech intelligent chip emits distortion-free sound.

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