Saturday, February 4, 2023

    User awareness in the adult sex doll industry

    compared with the hygiene issue, the business qualification and legitimacy of the adult entertainment hall are of greater concern to the community. During the epidemic, although the industry is ‘out of the loop’, but in fact, user awareness of the adult love dolls industry is still in the early stages of the market, which is also the industry consensus. There have been many attempts to combine VR with pornography.

    The report pointed out that the company behind the Zero Point Adult Experience Hall is Beijing Anerran Trading Co. The business license shows that the company has almost ten different business areas, such as: B. sale of chemical products for daily use, male sex dolls and Internet information services, but no shops with adult products.

    Erotic Lifelike sex dolls as a profitable industry, the traditional channels from manufacturers through the hands of brands, wholesalers, retailers and then to customers, basically 100% gross profit space, conservative estimates, e-commerce channel gross profit also has 50% to keep. The average gross margin of China’s adult goods manufacturers is between 40%-50%. The data also shows that Tiais gross profit margin reached 54.8% in 2016 alone.

    But these sex robots can raise some questions. VR device users have started to push the construction and sharing of VR office, so is there a future VR sex doll brothel? Because VR sex robots have to be cheaper than anywhere else, so the horny bachelors have to go to brothels to save money. So should government agencies go to regulate it?

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