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    Why Are Female Mini Sex Dolls More Popular Than Male Mini Sex Dolls? -【oudoll】

     Back in the 17th century, the first  Mini Sex Doll is created by Dutch sailors who used the doll made from cloth, leather to fulfill their sexual desire during the long sea voyages.

    In fact, sexual desire is typically higher in men than in women, besides, men are more visual-driven creatures, they are more likely to spend money on a sexual product or visit a prostitute. That’s why female  Mini Sex Dolls are way more than male  Mini Sex Dolls.

    In  Mini Sex Doll market, we will find that female  Mini Sex Doll is always the selling point by the  Mini Sex Doll store. The ads, billboards are exaggerated the doll’s sexual parts to be attracted to the man. What’s more, they divide the female  Mini Sex Doll into various types like, BBW  Mini Sex Doll, big boobs  Mini Sex Doll, big ass  Mini Sex Doll, skinny  Mini Sex Doll, small breast  Mini Sex Doll, and much more. Man can search for a different type of  Mini Sex Doll due to their preference.

    A  Mini Sex Doll holding something to block the vagina

    However, the male  Mini Sex Doll is the quite opposite situation, women are more put their emphasis on a committed relationship, they are more likely involved in emotion attached than sexual desire. When women experience a significant decrease interest in sex is because that there is a lack of emotional satisfaction with the relationship. What’s more, the birth of a child, and becoming a caregiver for the family can also decrease sexual desire.

    American Young Lifelike Male  Mini Sex Doll

     In a word, female  Mini Sex Doll is more popular than male  Mini Sex Doll is just because of the market demand, and here I come up with the 3 top reasons that might help you figure it out:

    1. Man has a higher sexual drive than women

    It sounds more like a cliché, but the reality shows that the man is more interested in sex than women. They are the major group that hanging around porn sites like Pornhub, Xvideos, and willingly pay for watching the porn videos. Society knows that, so does the  Mini Sex Doll industry, the vendor of  Mini Sex Doll owners said ” In my eyes, the female  Mini Sex Doll is much better than a real woman sometimes, they are nicer and more beautiful, and willing to try any new sex position for man”.

    Therefore, you can find that all female  Mini Sex Dolls are created by man’s need with big boobs, small waist, and huge ass. All the holes that have sexual functions are especially well-made. At the same time, the price of a realistic full body  Mini Sex Doll is various in the market due to the different materials, height, size, and brand.

    Some man finds that themself have difficulty to deal with women drama, but also don’t want to live alone. Then a female  Mini Sex Doll may be their best choice for a sex company, they are willing to pay for a  Mini Sex Doll rather than dating women that might cost more, besides, they do find comfort and fun with the  Mini Sex Doll. Some of the folks treat their  Mini Sex Doll as their wife or girlfriends, give them cloth, makeup, jewelry to cheer themself up. We wouldn’t say that female  Mini Sex Dolls will replace real women in the future, but it did change our sex life.

    Cute and sweet mini  Mini Sex Doll

    2. Women prefer sex toy rather than a male  Mini Sex Doll

    For most women, the sex toy is the best way to get an orgasm than having sex with a man, they don’t have to set the mood for it, it’s more time-efficient. Others said that “‘Vibrators make me come. Men don’t. I can have control of the pace of my orgasm, and I can have as much as I want without the wait for man recharge again.” Besides, the sex toy is small and portable, easy to clean and store, and cheaper than a male  Mini Sex Doll. However, society has a stereotype of women owning a male  Mini Sex Doll. It’s hard for a woman to express their sexual desire like a man does so that they have preferred the sex toy which is not be found easily by people.

    As we said before, women are more emotional creatures, they care about more committed relationships than sexual desire. It’s crucial for a woman to feel the bond between her partner and herself. Lying with a “dead” man without any talking and ideas exchanging make the female less secure and unsatisfied. 

    On the other hand, some women are quite pleased to have a male  Mini Sex Doll around. For those women that are not confident about their body shape or scare to go out to search for a date, then a male  Mini Sex Doll is the way to regain their confidence and also practice their sex skills with it. 

    In a word, choosing a different way to please your body is nothing wrong, no matter with the sex toys or  Mini Sex Dolls will do the same trick.

    sex toys

    3. Over-advertise the female  Mini Sex Doll sexual cavity

    The study shows that man is a more visual creature, and can’t resist themself to look for good-looking women. The  Mini Sex Doll vendor aware that man likely to search for specific female  Mini Sex Doll types like big breasts, flat chest, or mini  Mini Sex Doll. Therefore, they put the attractive advertisement with exaggerating female  Mini Sex Doll sexual cavity for leading them to purchase it. 

    Besides, all the  Mini Sex Doll store offers the  Mini Sex Doll pictures or video in different angel, the picture is all about the detail of each  Mini Sex Doll body shape that makes most man become an impulse buyer when he laid eye on it. With Photoshop pictures, outfits, and makeups, they are willing to pay for beautiful things. 

    There are many  Mini Sex Doll lovers or collectors to discuss their dolls in  Mini Sex Doll forums, they can provide you the most professional advice when you are trying to buy your first  Mini Sex Doll, and uploads  Mini Sex Doll pictures or videos to get more likes. The exist of  Mini Sex Doll forums are the invisibly way to encourage people to buy the  Mini Sex Doll, because they found that there are so many guys share the same hobby.

    Lifelike army girl looking  Mini Sex Doll

    What are the best features of a female  Mini Sex Doll?

    Super soft and smooth skin like a real woman.

    TPE or silicone material to present the best realistic love doll.

    It’s easy to clean, store, and safe to use, with no bad smell.

    Four cavities(vagina, mouth, anal, boobs) to have sexual fun and pleasure.

    Perfect body shape, outfits, and makeup due to your preference.

    Huge collection of different types, sizes, styles, heights of female  Mini Sex Dolls.

    It’s now becoming an affordable sex toy in Oudoll.

    Built-in with stainless skeleton make her limbs are flexible to pose any positions.

    Boobs and ass can be jiggling and bouncing like a real woman.

    You can go fast or slow whenever you please. Anytime you’re ready. Its holes will stay tight.

    Mature Big Boobs Transgender  Mini Sex Doll- Megan

    Wrap up

     Mini Sex Dolls are used by far, far more men than women. Men are attracted by women than men, so, normally, a female  Mini Sex Doll is much more popular than a male  Mini Sex Doll. Nowadays, male  Mini Sex Doll is more socially acceptable which means it will more and more popular for gay friends or women one day.

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