Wednesday, February 8, 2023

    Wide love dolls, why do you like them?-【oudoll】

     According to market research, most men prefer women with wide buttocks. This trend can clearly be seen in our customers’ purchases of wide waisted love dolls and provides a few pieces of information we left in the debate:

    For most men, there is an irresistible appeal to women with broad buttocks and wide hips, not only in terms of culture and what they have learned, but also in terms of natural responses. They are flexible and sexy.

    Woman’s buttocks, that’s one of the best curves she has, which of course makes her look very good, but no matter what, we should choose a woman with wide hips if you want to know why? Below we will tell you the answer.

    Our human brain activity is so strong that when they see a more curved body, they are happy.

    These are more advantages for women with wide buttocks: Why do more customers prefer the wide hip love dolls:

    1. They contain polyunsaturated fats: they help the cholesterol in the blood.

    2. Live Longer: Research has shown that accumulation of fat in the region helps particles aggregate and secrete beneficial compounds for the organism.

    3. Produce hormones: This hormone is a fatty pectin that protects the arteries and helps control blood sugar better.

    4. Smarter Children: Researchers believe that children born to mothers with wide hips are more intellectually superior.

    5. They Like Sex: Studies have shown that women with wide buttocks are subconsciously ready for intimate relationships.

    6. Sexy and Feminine Image: This number is a fundamental factor as it gives beauty and attraction to the opposite sex.

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