Friday, February 3, 2023

    Your inspiration will design your perfect work – your real silicone doll


    Many people endure the life of loneliness and loneliness. He is busy working in his own little world every day. It’s hard to have a chance to find a beautiful lover. Even harmonious couples have the same unbearable pain as endurance. OK, today let’s take a look at Jim and Julian’s story. Here is a video conversation between Jim and Jiang Sen.
    – Hello! Jiang Sen, look here, this is our current “girlfriend” – Julian. She is a realistic silicone doll and I paid less than 1000 for her. I’m happy to share with you because I think you need it too.
    – Wow! Brother, what are you doing? What do you say? Your girlfriend?
    – Yes, uh… I know this news is too sudden, you can’t accept it for a while. Look here, the video may not be clear enough. Can you see it?
    – Yes, but you say she’s your girlfriend, I don’t understand what happened?
    – Yes, in short, last week I went to a classmate’s party and he recommended this adult toy to me. It was so crazy, buddy, he tried his girlfriend for me.
    – What? His girlfriend?
    – Yes, his girlfriend is also a blonde doll. In the online store spent 1000 bought, height 170. Look how soft the skin is, look here, and this pair of chests.
    – Oh no! It’s not true, it’s impossible.
    – Yeah, I just said it was amazing when I first heard him talking about his girlfriend. How can a doll be so sweet? When I came to his room to see his girlfriend. I can not believe it.
    – Why are you that girlfriend, I mean why is your doll less than 1000 pieces?
    – Because she is another style, height 168cm, there are many different sizes. You can customize one according to your own ideas.
    – Really? Are you serious?
    – Yes, agree with the merchant.
    – Yes, I don’t work on weekends, I want to visit your house and see your girlfriend, Julian. I want to know if she’s as amazing as you said she is.
    – No problem, I’ll take you to try my Julian on Saturday afternoon. Yeah, you don’t tell anyone, I don’t want to be ridiculed by them.
    – Agreed.
    – It’s okay, see you on the weekend.
    – Bye.

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