Friday, February 3, 2023

    Your sex doll can become your constant companion

     Your  lady represents exactly the kind of constant companion you have always dreamed of. When you come home, she will be there patiently waiting for you, ready when you want to go out again and never complain. You can be close to her when you feel like being close to someone, but she won’t complain to you if you decide you want some space instead. If you have pressing commitments at work that keep you from working overtime or you just want to go out with the boys, you won’t mind. She will never complain if you come home late, she will never be jealous and she will not increase your stress level. You don’t have to accept any grief or criticism from her. She will just sit or lie there in the position you left her, patiently waiting, ready to greet you with her eager yet satisfied expression when you return.

    Your life could become a very easy one where you have the company you want, but you don’t care about the anger and heartache about it. There’s a reason this sounds so unique to you. Because no woman alive ever leaves you alone and lets you live your life like this. In relationships, women are almost completely unable to let a man be a man. They need to exercise control, and they have a variety of passive-aggressive (and not-so-passive) techniques to exercise that control. They whine, they complain, they cry, they nag, and they have tantrums. You have the power to make your home a miserable place where you can no longer be happy. This is not an unhealthy relationship we are describing; That’s every relationship. Any man, married or not, who lives with a woman knows that it is as if the peace in his home has been disturbed. For example, almost every single man who has been engaged to a woman for a long time can tell you a story about the time his fiancee got so angry that she temporarily gave him the ring back. That’s just a step that a lot of women on deck seem to have. These similarities extend across all relationships. A man who has only been married a few months can easily take notes with a man who has been married for years and they will have things in common. These things will not be good. Is it that what you want? Or would you rather have peace and quiet? Would you rather live your life on your terms? And do you want to have sex if you want to have sex? Your sex dolls are much more open to new, adventurous and kinky sex than any real woman will ever be. Because she’s a doll, she’s just as open-minded as you are. She’ll do absolutely anything you want, whenever you want her to do it.

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    You have the wonderful freedom to have sex at your pace and on your schedule, and to indulge in whatever pleasures you the most. Your sex doll has three usable inputs that allow for most variations in sexual activity. She has a textured mouth that you can use to simulate incredible blowjobs. You can grab the sides of her head, tangle your fingers in her hair, pull her face over you and generally have as much fun with her as you ever wanted with a woman this way.

    Your sex doll will never say no to anything you try to do with her. She will always be happy to do whatever you want, no matter how adventurous it might be. She will never refuse, never change her mind, never change her mind the next morning, and she will never get pregnant. You won’t get anything from her and neither of you will ever need to go to the clinic. Anything you want you can have because she is completely yours. That kind of freedom and comfort just isn’t possible in a real relationship. You could never create that type of relationship with a real person, nor would it be fair to do so. The best thing about your sex doll is that you never have to worry about losing her. She can’t get over you. You don’t have to impress her. Maintaining a relationship with a woman, even a casual relationship, takes constant effort. Your lady will always make sure you’re still up to her ever-changing standards. That means you’re like a Hollywood executive, only as good as your last attempt at pleasing your audience. 

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