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    10 Benefits of Masturbation You Didn’t Know Existed

    If you’re like most people, you’ve been masturbating since your teens. You fell in love with it after your first orgasm. You haven’t stopped since, and it didn’t hurt that porn flourished during the pandemic.

    Apart from being extremely enjoyable, masturbation has a number of surprising health benefits, from increasing overall satisfaction to lowering your risk for certain diseases. It’s great for your health, both emotionally and physically. You shouldn’t stop doing it even if you have a partner.

    Here are ten amazing health benefits of masturbation and why you should feel at ease about leaving it as part of your personal routine.

    1. Reduces the Risk of Prostate Cancer 

    According to research, men who were 33% less likely to suffer from prostate cancer if they ejaculated more than 20 times a month compared to men who did so only five to seven times. A follow-up study in 2016 found those who ejaculated 10 times a month on average faced a 10% lower prostate cancer risk.

    2. It develops the imagination 

    Masturbation has come a long way from the manual approach. There are so many toys you can use today to make the experience more pleasurable. You can use a vibrating pocket pussy made from material that feels like real flesh and skin will give you a sensation you couldn’t imagine existed. You can get one modeled on your favorite porn star’s private parts. It will stroke you with intense bumps and vibrating functions.

    Some penis strokers have an anal opening, pulling you through a real-feel canal that’s soft and squishy to the touch, like real skin. With the right lube, the penetration will be more satisfying than you can imagine. The best masturbators can be used with any lube, and it’s a must, because wetter is always better.

    3. It Strengthens the Erection 

    With age, we all lose muscle tone. Regular masturbation and sex help prevent incontinence and erectile dysfunction by exercising the pelvis. The penal muscle needs oxygen to operate smoothly, which you get with every inflow of blood to the groin. Four times a week is ideal according to experts.

    4. Improves Your Immune System 

    When you ejaculate, your cortisol levels increase. While it’s typically associated with stress, this hormone helps maintain and keep your immune system in check as long as it’s not being released excessively. Thus, masturbation can help fortify your immune system. According to a 2004 study, men had a higher white blood cell count about an hour after masturbating, and white blood cells are positively associated with immune defense.

    5. It Helps men Last Longer in Bed

    Regular masturbation can help extend love sessions. Some men don’t last very long just because they haven’t practiced enough, be it by themselves or with a partner. You can train yourself to last longer. Everybody who has watched There’s Something About Mary remembers the scene in the bathroom before Ben Stiller’s date with Cameron Diaz (the awkward hair gel part). We have always known how well masturbating before a date you’re really looking forward to can contribute to self-control.

    Yes, you can train yourself. Start by timing how long it takes you to come. If it only takes three minutes, aim for four next time. Alternatively, try to extend the number of strokes it takes to get there. Within just one month, most men can double the time and the number of strokes needed.

    6. Helps Improve Quality of Sleep

    Granted, there are other things you should try first if you’re suffering from insomnia, like eating certain foods or maybe losing weight. Cutting out caffeine and removing all devices from your bedroom will help too. But if all else fails…When you have an orgasm, your body releases a host of happy hormones and neurotransmitters like oxytocin, serotonin, and prolactin. All of these are associated with feelings of relaxation. Don’t hesitate to pay your favorite porn site a visit if there’s no end to the tossing and turning.

    7. It’s Good for the Heart 

    Regular orgasms protect the heart by lowering the risk of a stroke or heart attack. According to the Massachusetts Aging Study, men who had eight or more orgasms per month were 45% less likely to die from complications due to cardiovascular disease than men who had just one orgasm a month. Don’t feel bad about canceling plans with friends or relatives because you’d rather fly solo at home – it’s good for your health.

    8. It Brings Healthier Skin

    Orgasming brings your blood vessels to open up because it enhances blood flow to the skin. This is what’s behind the proverbial post-coital glow. What’s more, rashes and zits will tend to go away because orgasms release oxytocin, which reduces inflammation.

    9. You Will Live Longer 

    Masturbating can even increase your lifespan. A longitudinal study in Wales found that the mortality rate of men who had eight or more orgasms per month was much lower than that of men who had far less.

    10. It can help you get to know your partner better 

    Finally, there are multiple benefits to be had from masturbating with a partner. It can be a prelude to the act or serve in lieu of it. Mutual masturbation is where you touch and sexually stimulate each other without penetrating your partner. Alternatively, you can play with toys or with yourself without touching each other at all.

    Substituting standard sex this way will help improve sexual performance and sleep, reduce stress, and relax your mind. What’s more, this is just the beginning of the benefits. You can read all about them here.

    When you masturbate with a partner, you’re both focused on foreplay, making the sex better than before. Focus is key when it comes to mutual pleasure. As you touch each other, close your eyes. Feel how your partner reacts. Experience every moment of it. You’ll learn more about what turns your partner on and vice versa. This way, your regular sex will improve in the long run.

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