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    2022 Best 3 SEX DOLLS

     Have you ever wondered why sex dolls are so popular? There are several reasons why people are fascinated by these beauty. First, love dolls have a unique, innocent-looking face that depicts an unexplored culture that longs for your touch. Women also value virginity. Similarly, RealDoll is designed with a tight vagina for you to taste and enjoy for a long time. These petite sex dolls are seductive, innocent, seductive, and very obedient, which makes them love men.

    So why are Asian real love dolls idolized all over the world, and why not see the top sex dolls in 2019?

    Top love dolls in 2019

    1, RZRDOLL Android (GYNOID) love doll

    World-class Hollywood make-up, blood vessels, redness, etc. are all painted on the whole body, and a human-like skin pattern is completely reproduced by a special manufacturing method. The line of sight is movable, the knuckles are movable, and the skeleton of the body has a wide range of movement.

    GYNOID love doll

    ● Made of food grade silicon (not cheap TPE material), ultra-realistic and lively new, the most popular is No. 5 Yui. She has a face that is melancholy and wants to make people feel pity.

    ● [Like the real thing] You can experience the realistic modeling that is handmade by craftsmen and attention to detail, the face of entertainers and supermodels, the body shape and the softness of human skin. I want to touch my boobs and buttocks forever.

    ● [High-grade material] Using high-quality silicone material for semi-medical use that is close to human skin, it is possible to create a livelier appearance than TPE material, it is excellent in safety and durability, it is very soft and elastic, it is hard to tear and it has a wonderful finish. If you take good care of yourself like her girlfriend, you can enjoy her and her various positions and experiences. The doll body has a metal skeleton, and it has a movable joint grip specification, so various poses are possible like humans.

    2. “Sakurane-chan” Flu Silicone Doll Popular No.1 Anime Doll

    Popular No.1 anime doll


    This is the most popular anime full silicone doll. Unlike other silicone dolls, her tits and butt are very soft. The following functions can be customized. Tattoo, head flocking, hymen, erotic pant voice, heating, vibrating vagina, movable eyes, bikini line. These features are not possible with other dolls.

    3, “Kokoa-chan” idol TPE sex doll

    Idol love doll

    This is the most cost-effective of all TPE dolls. Reasons for the popularity of “Kokoa-chan”: (1) The face is extremely beautiful (2) High-class EVO skeleton, M-legs, movable shoulder joints, with standing function, etc. (3) Price is low

    You’ve probably seen why everyone likes sex love dolls. These attractive sex dolls are attractive, submissive, and available in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your specific needs.

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