Friday, February 3, 2023

    China’s oldest physical sex doll

    “The existence and experiencing of adult experience spaces belong in the realm of private life, and the regulator should manage them with restraint instead of simply killing them in the first place.” Peng Xiaohui, professor at the College of Life Sciences of Huazhong Normal University and vice president of the Chinese Society on Sexuality and Director of the Technical Committee on Sex Education, said that many young love dolls today are not married, even if they are of legal marriage age, for financial and other reasons, and that there are also groups of wage-earners who are married , but do not live with their spouses, so what should they do when they have sexual needs This is a problem that society needs to address.

    Peng Xiaohui believes that the emergence of adult experience museums can to some extent eliminate sexual anxiety, reduce unwanted pregnancy, avoid contracting sexually transmitted diseases, and even alleviate social problems such as extramarital sex, but only if they are well protected by hygiene are, remain private, work in places far from certain areas, not to mention that they must not violate the rights of others and can be accepted voluntarily.

    The company, named “China’s oldest physical male sex dolls” and “the first stock of inflatable dolls”, “Tiais”, relies on creating a doll’s personality and focuses on a large number of fans. Some fans also upload their own adult doll stories to increase the viscosity of the “doll circle” fans and attract new fans.

    Tiais has taken great effort to create the personality of the adult lifelike sex dolls. It would create related homage VR games for them based on their personas. That has gradually transformed these dolls from a nefarious toy into a consummate lover with a following. And instead of avoiding the puppets, fans have taken it upon themselves to create stories that enrich the puppet IPs themselves.

    Sex culture festival, a small thing between men and women, open on the elegant hall, so that the sex doll sex open, will undoubtedly play a positive and negative role: the positive effect is to sanctify it, like love lotus to enjoy, which can only be seen from afar, but not profane mood, sex represents reality, material to satisfy physical pleasure, love sublimates, represents the ideal, mental, spiritual emotions of desire. The negative impact is ignorance about sex, which mutates healthy sex into many strange and perverse carnal gratifications, and causes many problems and contradictions in physiology and psychology, requiring the scientific dissemination of sexual knowledge and the popularization of knowledge.

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