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    Female Corpse Case Caused By MINI SEX DOLL

    One topic is the discovery of a female body in a river in Aomori Prefecture on June 18, 2021. In fact, in August 2017, a realistic MINI SEX DOLL that was washed away in a river near Wenling City, Shandong Province, China was mistaken for a female corpse. The cause of these incidents is the disposal of the love doll. So, when you don’t need your real doll one day, how do we dispose of our love doll?

    anime MINI SEX DOLL

    Here are some ways to deal with love dolls.

    ① Give it to someone you can trust
    The method is convenient, but it is difficult to grasp the relationship of this friend, and I am embarrassed to tell others.

    ②Purchase or pick up
    This is a requirement for suppliers who buy love dolls, but I think it is difficult to buy them due to damage or deterioration.

    ③ Auction
    This is a way to make money, but you must be careful about listing bans and scams.

    ④ Discard the love doll by yourself
    Contact the local government to learn how to deal with it. Its cost is small, but if your neighbor knows it, it will be a problem.

    ⑤ Manufacturer’s back to school system
    Dongfang Industry and a manufacturer called 4woods have such a system, but their products prevail.

    ⑥ TPE love doll processing company
    You should be aware that some vendors carry out malicious scams.

    ⑦ Authorize the homecoming system of the Chinese doll organization
    This is what I want to introduce in particular.
    Of course, you can contact the purchase site, but we recommend that you use OkSexDoll to deal with unwanted dolls. At, if it is made in China, it can be recycled together.
    This is the best way. If you have difficulty or should deal with it, please contact

    Female Corpse Case Caused By Love Doll

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