Hide MINI SEX DOLL After Purchase


When you buy a realistic MINI SEX DOLL, you may encounter objections from your family or your living environment does not allow it, but you will want to buy it, but this time we will consider how to hide the love doll you bought.

Here I would like to tell everyone that if the love doll needs to be hidden after purchase, it will be “difficult to hide”. Forcing Aiwawa to hide may cause it to malfunction, so it is a good idea to think carefully and think twice. Placement and storage will increase the possibility of damage. It is very interesting to interact with the lover doll. If you need to hide it, it is definitely a psychological burden.

Of course, you can find coverable storage furniture on the market, such as storage sofas and simple wardrobes, but evaluate whether it is useful. It’s best to think twice before buying, and contact your family before buying to see if there are any storage conditions. Otherwise it will be very annoying.

Now, let’s get into the topic of today’s conversation.

1. How to clean the silicone love doll?

General cleaning: If silicone MINI SEX DOLL accidentally gets stains or dust, please try to wipe it with a damp towel and shower gel. If you can’t wipe off the stains with shower gel, you can try to remove it with cleansing oil. If the cleansing oil cannot be wiped off, it may be dirty. I will talk about dyeing later. If the love doll is dirty, you can take it in the bath, but the water temperature is generally within the allowable range of the love doll in the bath, and it is a love doll that is easily affected by temperature. Do not use water above 70 degrees Celsius to TPE love dolls” disinfect”. TPE materials will deform due to temperature. This is irreversible! Everyone needs to be careful.

b. Clean after use: Generally, Aiwawa can be used in the mouth, vagina and buttocks. Because the vagina is detachable, it is easy to clean. After use, you only need to remove the famous instrument for cleaning. If it is built-in, please take it to the bathroom after use. No matter how you take care of it, after washing, be sure to cover your body with a towel and pat it to dry to avoid scratches and scratches on the surface of the baby doll. Do not wipe it hard.

The vagina can be wrapped thickly with a paper towel to absorb water. I have a good way to recommend it to everyone. The sanitary napkins for menstruating girls are very easy to use, have strong water absorption and are easy to remove. Finally, remember to take the talcum powder for the last time after the body moisture is dry, so that the baby’s skin maintains the best touch.

2. How to maintain

The body of the luxurious lover doll is different from the different material of the TPE MINI SEX DOLLs, and its body will continuously and chronically secrete oil. The output of silicone doll oil is generally not large, but the output of tpe doll oil is more obvious. Regular maintenance is especially important to keep the body of Aiwawa smooth and soft, because Aiwawa oil can make you sick, astringent, sticky, and easily soiled by dust and hair fibers.

The maintenance method is actually very simple. Many people use various loose powders such as prickly heat powder, corn flour, and talcum powder. I still recommend baby powder. Then buy a set of puff boxes. When using the powder puff, use the powder puff to evenly spread the powder on the TPE love doll and spread it evenly with your hands. This is the most effective. Talcum powder for children is harmless and okay. The fragrance and texture are the best.  https://www.rabu-doll.com/hide-love-doll-after-purchase/


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