How Are MINI SEX DOLLs Made? [The Complete Process]


How MINI SEX DOLLs are brought into this world? How these beings of silicone/TPE are manufactured? If you are a die-hard doll lover, then there is a bright and healthy chance that these questions must have struck your space of thoughts. It is only natural to be curious about the process that shapes a MINI SEX DOLL. But it would be tiring and very inconvenient to snoop around in a doll manufacturing hub and watch the entire process unfold. We have a much better alternative to help you satiate your curiosity.

We, your favorite host (we are, aren’t we?), will explain to you how MINI SEX DOLLs are made. We will take you through the whole procedure and process that leads to the birth of a fine MINI SEX DOLL. So, without keeping your curiosity for any longer, let’s dive into it.


There are no metaphors here. The first step to creating a MINI SEX DOLL is performed by the creative hands of artists and design personnel. They draw a detailed sketch of the MINI SEX DOLL. After all, for a complex creation such as a MINI SEX DOLL, you need a proper design to work with. This sketched design is then used to sculpt a 3D model of the doll.

Generally, the entire body of a MINI SEX DOLL is created from a single mold. But, some manufacturers might opt to create arms and legs individually. It all rests on the preference of the manufacturer. Once the basic model is ready, it is cleft into different parts.

It is important to note that the head of the doll is made separately. This is because the head is a more detailed piece of work and requires a bit more attention than the body.


But haven’t we created the mold already? The answer is both yes and no. What we saw in the previous stage was a basic mold which in turn, is used to create a negative mold. Don’t take the terminology too seriously as it is the primary mold that will support the skeletal structure of the MINI SEX DOLL. The skeleton must be adjusted properly to give a natural posture to the doll. In a regular scenario, the skeletal structure is more “thick” in the thigh and breast areas. We will talk more about that a bit later. At this stage, the most important thing is to ensure an apt structure of the doll. This is to say that the mold must perfectly sync with the skeleton. It is only after this “synergy” is complete that we can proceed to the next stage.


What Are MINI SEX DOLLs Made Up Of?
We now arrive at the step when TPE or silicone is utilized. Yes, this doesn’t arrive before the third stage of the manufacturing process. In the previous stage, we had successfully created a mold that was supported by a well-in-place skeleton. Now, we pour the TPE/silicone over the mold. It is of critical importance that the material (silicone or TPE) is poured in an appropriate amount. The thing is, if too little TPE/silicone is utilized, then the doll will have a thoroughly hard design. In simple words, it would feel like making love to hard, thick rock. On the flip side, if we employ too much TPE or silicone, then the doll would become too flabby and would appear flaccid.

In this stage, the pigmentation of the skin and other details such as the skin texture is also worked upon. In this particular stage, there is absolutely no margin for error. Even a small fluke can completely destroy the design of the doll. So, this is the step that demands pure, unadulterated scrutiny.

Once the material is poured in, it is left to cool off.


This is perhaps the most tricky yet interesting segment of the whole process. The first step here is to remove the mold and take out the doll. Around this stage, the core structure of the MINI SEX DOLL is ready. But, the MINI SEX DOLL does not look like the glamorous model you see in the market. There is a lot of extra material present on the doll and that needs to be removed. This is done by design experts who tune the doll and shape her up. But there is more to their job than simply removing some extra “fat.”

The skin is also fine-tuned and evened out by the experts. This is usually done through a spatula. Once it is completed, we move on to the next step.


This is the final step of the MINI SEX DOLL creation process and without a doubt, it is the most exhaustive one as well. Here, the doll is adorned with eyes, fingernails, hair, eyebrows, properly modeled breasts, and such. The doll is also embedded with details to make her more human like. Well, the whole idea is to make the doll as lifelike as possible. This stage is different for every MINI SEX DOLL. Also, this stage is undertaken by a lot of experts and professionals.

It is also seen that if any area of the doll requires work or needs to be adjusted. For more advanced dolls such as AI Dolls, this stage becomes much more elaborate. The dolls are equipped with all those fancy modifications such as moaning devices, tongue and teeth sets, among other things.

Finally, once all the customizations and modifications are completed, the doll becomes ready to be shipped. Overall, the process of creating an adult love doll is a long and extensive one and the result is truly something amazing.


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