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    How to clean silicone doll head?-【oudoll】

     The maintenance of the sex doll has always been appreciated by the majority of doll users. If you keep your dolls healthy, they will reward you more. Poor maintenance of sex dolls can quickly lead to several problems. Depending on the material, the skin and pigments will degrade and erode quickly if not properly maintained. If mistakes are made, love dolls and robots can break, stain and even react chemically. Here are some suggestions for cleaning sex dolls.

    To clean your face, simply remove the head and wig (if possible). Use a warm sponge and antibacterial soap to gently photograph this fact. Pay special attention to your eyes and eyelashes to avoid getting wet. Then gently pat face with a dry, non-abrasive cloth to remove most of the water. Leave it for an hour and then dry it naturally.

    It is very important not to immerse the doll head in water at any time. Do not spray water on the doll’s head and avoid getting water on your neck (as it may get inside the head or frame). Never drown your doll head. Water in the doll may cause rust, mold or other damage. Hair and cosmetics used to create dolls and robots are not usually intended for soaking. If you need to clean your face or mouth, use a mild, antibacterial soap and a gentle rounding or slapping action. We recommend using a microfiber cloth.

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    The most common problem faced by new silicone dolls or sex robot owners is usually proper cleaning and maintenance. Baby hygiene is very important – if done well, the doll will last longer. Because loving dolls can cost a lot of money, it’s wise to treat them like a house or car.

    Most owners prefer to bathe with their dolls to clean them after being intimate. Even if you don’t have a reason, it’s recommended that you give them a maintenance shower every month. When showering a doll or robot, make sure the water temperature is moderate. Hot water is not a good choice as many dolls are not exposed to high temperatures. In particular, TPE dolls do not respond well to excessive temperatures.

    Then use a soft, absorbent cloth and gently pat the TPE sex dolls after cleaning. Do not use a hair dryer, as too concentrated heat can sometimes damage the skin. After thorough drying, carefully wipe off the refreshing powder with the attached brush. This helps remove residual moisture and keep skin soft. Wigs should be washed separately with a mild shampoo and air dried. Using a hair dryer can damage your hair.

    We also collect effective ways to clean more sex dolls. If you have a better suggestion, please contact us by email.

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