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    How to Touch the Clitoris for Better Orgasms

    Clitoral stimulation is a big deal when it comes to sexual satisfaction for females. And while it can be difficult for the male folks to understand how to get it right, women must know how to pleasure themselves in the bedroom. The first thing you want to know is where the clitoris is and the role it plays in the female genitalia.

    You should also be critical about how you take care of your general health, and you want to pay more attention to the area between the legs when preparing for a romantic time with your partner. And if you are the type of woman who takes her hygiene seriously, there is a good chance you know some of the tricks to a clean and enticing vagina.

    Parts of the Female Reproductive System 

    The female reproductive system consists of various organs that span from the interior to the exterior. The internal organs consist of the vagina, uterus, fallopian tube, and ovaries. The vagina is what is referred to as the birth canal and joins the cervix to the exterior part of the body. The uterus, also known as the womb serves as a home for a developing fetus. It consists of two parts the cervix and the corpus.

    The ovaries are small-shaped glands that produce the hormones and eggs needed for reproduction. The last part of the interior of the vagina is the fallopian tube which can be found on the upper part of the uterus and functions as a canal for eggs to move from the ovaries to the uterus. This part is critical for female reproduction as it is responsible for the fertilization of sperm.

    The exterior parts of the female reproductive system consist of the labia majora, labia minora, Bartholin’s gland, and the clitoris. The labia majora and minora are shaped like lips that extend outside of the vagina while the Bartholin’s gland is placed on each side of the vagina that secrete mucus. The clitoris as we will come to find in later parts of this piece plays the role of the penis in females and is responsible for sexual stimulation. This link talks more on the different parts of the female reproductive system and their functions.

    What is the Role of the Clitoris?

    When you were little, you probably thought that the entire area down there was meant for passing urine and became more conscious of your body as you approached puberty. And as you matured into a woman, you already or probably know the different parts of the female reproductive system and the role they each play. The clitoris is one important engine that drives sexual pleasure inside the bedroom. And you want to know just how to please it if you want to get sexual satisfaction.

    It is no news that a high percentage of women are not satisfied with their sex lives and not to mention even reach orgasm with their sexual partner. But there are a lot of reasons why you may not be getting the satisfaction you desire in the bedroom. And one of them could be that you don’t know how to respond to clitoral stimulation or even teach your partner to pleasure you.

    Of course, men were gifted with a penis and an erection when they get sexually excited, but they were not blessed with the gift of knowing how to please every woman they have a relationship with. And as such, it is the female’s responsibility to gently guide her mate to better understand her love language.


    The Key to Better Orgasm 

    It doesn’t require hard work for men to reach climax as they could thrust their penis into a vagina for a few minutes and ejaculate. Or even stroke their organ themselves and achieve similar excitement. But it could be more challenging for women to reach orgasm. Ideally, for women, sexual stimulation is a romance between the brain and body and not only between sex organs. This is why you find more women claiming that they were able to reach orgasm with the use of a sex toy than when in the arms of their partner. This page talks more on how to make use of sex toys for couples.

    It Starts with the Mood 

    Rather than jumping the hoop and getting straight to forking out a big “o”, orgasm for women is a series of events. For men, it could happen as quickly as he gets an erection but women need to set the mood right to reach sexual paradise. The majority of women will agree that not being stressed can help them relax better and enjoy the muscle contractions during sex that can help reach sexual nirvana.

    So you want to try a mix of uplifting and relaxing music, scented candles, therapeutic lighting (dimmed lights), and the right body posture where you feel more relaxed to be able to set the mood for reaching the stars of feminine sexual excitement behind closed doors.

    Don’t Ignore Foreplay 

    You know how you have to turn the engine first before you put the car in gear. So also it is when it comes to sex. Men won’t certainly be able to achieve proper vagina penetration without getting an erection no matter how weak it may be. Women too will need to have their engine fired up if they will be able to lift off to pleasure land where they will be able to reach orgasm. So yes, there has to be a lot of kissing, licking, touching, and nibbling to be able to stimulate the nerves that will help your body get excited sexually.

    This is one area where sex toys seem to help. They are great for clitoral stimulation and all women need to find one toy that helps them better relax and take most of the work from their partner. These Pureintimacy reviews have a lot of women sharing positive tales about sex toys and how they revolutionized sexual encounters with their partners, so you want to check it out.

    A good percentage of women enjoy cunnilingus (mouth action) as direct stimulation and stroking of the clitoris with the tongue and fingers can work wonders in the bedroom. You want to pair this with gentle stroking of the nipples to help excite the nerves of the sex organs. At this point, you need to focus on what’s happening presently and keep your mind from wandering. As it could take a while if you don’t zero in on the actions taking place in the bedroom.

    Staying in the moment can assist with helping you relax better and encourage the hormonal actions from all the sexual excitement currently in play. The bulk of your focus needs to be on your partner. So try enjoying the smell of his body, the taste and smoothness of his skin, and how his hands and fingers caress every part of your body. And adjust the stimulations to increase the sensitivity before the big act of vagina penetration. This will help your clitoris become hard and erect so you can better enjoy the stimulations that take place in the vagina wall that can lead to orgasm.

    Communication and Movement 

    It is easy to lose traction in the bedroom if everything is quiet. So even with your favorite relaxing music echoing the right notes on Alexa, you want to also communicate what takes place in your body to your partner so they can know where you are getting better excitement. Statements like “harder” when he works his fingers on your clitoris, or “faster” when he is thrusting inside you are great for keeping the fire burning. Also, gentle masculine groans and feminine moans are strong sexual stimulators that are not only great for exciting the auditory nerve endings but go all the way down to excite the sexual organs.

    You will also have to move to adjust your body to better enjoy the stimulation. In addition to switching positions in the bedroom, you want to be able to lift your body to better adjust the vagina or clitoris to prolong the excitement. This can include pulling yourself under or upper so you can allow the penis to hit the top of the clitoris or G-spot depending on how it excites you. You can find more on this page  8 about tips to communicate your sexual frustration to your partner.

    Bottom Line

    It is important to note that the body system differs for each woman. And while for some, they can take hours to reach orgasm, others can get there quickly in minutes. But still, every woman needs to understand how her body reacts to sexual stimulation and how best they can reach orgasm. Most of the time, it is not your partner’s fault that you can’t reach the height of sexual pleasure.

    Not being able to communicate how or not being able to relax is one thing that can hinder how quickly you can reach orgasm. So you want to talk to your partner about how you will like to be pleasured and do so even more in the bedroom when having sex, so you can better understand your body’s sex language.

    You want to also consider vagina exercises like Kegels that help to contract the blood vessels in the vagina which can help with blood flow to the clitoris during sexual excitement. It will also be good to invest in sex toys so you can try new things when in the bedroom. Remember that sexual excitement for women is a marriage between the brain and body and not only with the organs. So you want to take the time to understand how well you feel in the bedroom and do well to communicate this to your partner so you can enjoy better sexual encounters.

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