Friday, February 3, 2023

    Love for RealDoll remains a mystery

     Why do people choose real love dolls? Why are they treated as pure sex dolls and others love them like partners? Why do some people recognize the soul in it and why others can’t do it? These questions, to this day-in my view-have not been properly investigated and, above all, unanswered.

    Real love dolls don’t really make sense when considered calm. It doesn’t clean the house, wash the dishes, or move quickly from A to B. Doll is not a game like Pokemon GO. Still, it’s a global phenomenon.

    There is no standard as to who can call why a person loves life-sized dolls. There are no issues with age, specific childhood, social status, IQ, and not limited to men. It doesn’t even attract the cliché of “relationship failure”. Because there are countless people. A romantic relationship between a sex doll and a girlfriend, wife or partner is maintained at the same time. Psychoanalysis quickly dismisses this phenomenon with several terms such as “delusion,” “love of objects,” and “psychosis,” and sometimes speaks of “fear of loss of control” or “disgusting conflict.” , There is no scientific evidence for these terms.

    There are no CT, cerebral current measurements, or even common hormonal changes. This proves why people decide to love adult dolls. There are no measurable genetic defects or genetic causes. There are countless cases where someone loves RealDoll and brothers, sisters, and all brothers can’t do anything with it, and I’m sure there are cases even in the vast world where identical twins have one. doing. I love love dolls, others don’t.

    The reason I chose a love doll is still a mystery to me.

    Adult dolls may be more attractive to those with imagination and creativity. However, underrated dolls in the arts, music, writers, and other creative fields show that this doesn’t really explain the charm of love dolls.

    Even my best friend doesn’t care about the explanation. He was completely different from me and his childhood, education, and life were very different. He has a very different experience in relationships and is more introverted than I am. He likes the Middle Ages, but I love the 80’s. He is politically more extreme than me, looks different, younger like me, has parents and siblings around him, but we both love our silicone dolls as well and their Seeing the soul, I love its nature and its shell.

    The phenomenon of love for real love dolls has nothing to do with “cute toys.” Neither he nor I had cute toys, and there were only a few in our childhood. There is no explanation why people love love dolls and why they do it in a completely different way.

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