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    Love story (a movie about dolls)

     Love doll, which was produced for the purpose of sexual treatment, and has become more realistic in shape and feel in recent years. Although it is such a love doll, its beauty has been attracting attention recently, and it is playing an active part in various scenes such as being picked up as art and being loved by women. As soon as the news of the love doll-themed movie “Romance Doll” was released nationwide on January 24, 2020 (Friday), the traffic of surged. On this occasion, I will introduce some movies about RealDoll.

    Part 1 “Lars and her” (2008)

    Part 2 “Air Doll” (2009)

    Part ③ “Love Doll I want to hug you! “(2009)

    Part ④ “Romance Doll” (2019)

    Love doll as a work of art

    Realistic sex dolls were actually built to make sex and eroticism as realistic as possible for people, but over the years of lovers, they got more involved with some doll lovers. did. They become companions, partners, even beautiful works of art, and eventually such people go so far that they no longer have sex.

    When it comes to love dolls in the superficial and hollow thoughts of the mass media, the story is spread many times by a sculptor who fell in love with his creation and then had sex with her. But today’s reality usually looks very different. People fall in love with works created by strangers, and art lovers in the field rarely or rarely have sex with love dolls.

    I really don’t want to analyze why this sect bigger, a Dutch wife friend, has grown up and isn’t having sex with love dolls. It is also due to many individual reasons and the path of life behind them. Rather, I just want to think about why today’s love dolls often become art objects.

    I shot a living model a few years ago, but personally wrote that I was a professional photographer who liked silicone dolls. He then said that his love doll was actually barely there for sex, but he finally took a photo without quarrels, self-love, excessive twisting models, and time pressure and client specifications. He said he was able to attach himself.

    Satisfy your artistic passion for RealDoll

    A fulfilling passion, unfulfilled dreams, and a wide range of ideas make real love dolls versatile. Relaxing sex and eroticism with visually perfect women may be one of the passions that can meet sex dolls, but they are the passions that they can meet and fill their artistic streaks. There is a lot of passion to gain.

    And private Dutch wife friends can do it in a completely different way than mainstream artists. These previously ignored adult dolls or ruthlessly presented them as “beginning of the end of society” or “strange provocation”. But love doll lovers are photographed with the doll’s enthusiasm, joy, and some great playfulness. There, it works with the expression of a love doll and makes everything possible.

    After that, the love doll becomes a girl with watercolors, cartoon characters and thousands of different facial expressions. Or she gets a character to move, such as an image series. Love dolls are not an expression of social threats or oppressive failures, but they are attractive models for every fun, every outfit, every pose.

    This charm of love dolls is great and she still likes to see forum posts today. Love dolls make dolls a wonderful art object and you can see her lover’s love, friends and imagination in every pixel of her photo. In some photographs, people’s love for them is very strong, in contrast to the soulless image of mainstream artists.

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