Saturday, February 4, 2023

    Sex dolls are all made with real hair

    Online, some netizens have also linked adult experience galleries to prostitution and the like, arguing that they should be banned and outlawed as both offer paid sexual services. Xu Guimin, an associate professor at Zhengzhou University Law School, said that according to Chinese law, prostitution and prostitution emphasize natural persons with living bodies and must occur between two people, while love dolls are toys and do not belong to natural persons in the legal sense , so that they cannot be treated according to this crime.

    The reason for the price difference is often related to the size, material, brand and features of the male sex dolls. The dolls are usually between 1 and 1.7 meters tall, the materials are either silicone or TPE material. “Last month, I learned from a factory that the price of a 1-meter doll is only 550 yuan, and 1.7 meters is basically 2-3,000 yuan, but some of them have a purchase price of 3,000-20,000 yuan. ” said Liu Xiang.

    Zhang Yi, head of the above factory, introduced that the latest materials in recent years are safe and environmentally friendly silicone and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). Silicone plasticity is high, the simulation can do better, making the lifelike sex dolls imitates the touch of the real skin of the human body, some of the skin is even visible blood vessels. High-end products can also be installed mechanical skeleton, and even have body temperature, the doll’s hair is all used real hair, eyebrows are also a root implant.

    Private yoga show to erotic lingerie, from the high simulation Sex Doll to all kinds of exhibits, these seem more and more removed from the culture, but more nude commercial color, “popular sexual health” is synonymous with a variety of eye-catching performances, although the scene is still free to put millions of condoms, but the price of 30,000 yuan of the high simulation doll has won a lot of attention.

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