Friday, February 3, 2023

    Sex toy sales in India increased by 65%

    Indians practice “independence”, so during the lockdown period online sales of sex toys for adults, including love dolls, increased by 65% .


    Although the whole country has ordered to stay at home during the coronavirus lockdown, many Indians believe that this means not only staying at home, but also staying in the bedroom. A report published by an online adult retailer found that sales of linear toys in the country increased sharply after lock-in. According to the report, online sex toy sales increased by up to 65%.


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    Although sex is a topic that India still avoids in “polite” conversations, there is always a demand for sex toys and adult entertainment. In the past, this demand was usually met by street stalls in the narrow alleys of Indian subways. Sellers sold pirated copies of adult video tapes, and vibrators became “head massagers”. The advent of online shopping offers buyers a more cautious choice, and some social networking sites have intervened to meet customer needs.


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    The report also includes statistics on purchase patterns in different regions of India. In terms of the states, Maharashtra has the largest sales volume, followed by Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Mumbai comes first in terms of cities, followed by Bangalore and New Delhi.


    For countries that still consider taboos, the results of this report show that the attitudes of modern Indians are changing. Most of the buyers surveyed in the report are between 25–34 years old, which shows that the new generation of Indians is less ashamed of sex and more willing to accept their sex privately. The report also contains some other specific statistics, such as which products are most popular in different parts of the country.

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