Friday, February 3, 2023

    Should Not Touch TPE Real Mini Sex Dolls


    Not all TPE real Mini Sex Doll have wire wrists. My WM’s metal fingers are fixed on the palm board and bolted to the wrist. Similar to the photo below. I have also seen dolls, mostly older ones, with no palms and no fakes at the wrist or ankle. Only the wires extend from the arms and leg tubes. Will the silicone strips on most thigh stockings damage TPE dolls?

    I tried searching for answers in that forum, but I didn’t see any real confirmation. The strips are too tight and leave an impression, which seems to be the only problem I see. Sorry if it has been answered before. I talked about this topic in another topic, but this is not the topic there, and no one commented on the trouble of the strip club. But I really want to know if anyone has done something bad from stockings.

    I know silicone dolls should not touch TPE real Mini Sex Dolls. I think this translates into silicone strips on stockings. I don’t understand chemistry. Maybe it’s a silicone mixture that reacts differently from the baby’s silicone? If someone could shed some light on it for me, but if the wrist is made of wire, it could get messy. How to fix it will depend on what is left after the break.

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