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    The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Various Types Of MINI SEX DOLL Breasts

    In the previous article “Characteristics of the breast shape of Aiwa”, we explained in detail the characteristics of each breast shape of Aiwa, but if you have not yet decided which breast shape to choose, TPE MINI SEX DOLL will start from now on. I will explain each type. The pros and cons of the breast, and thought it would be a useful reference.

    Advantages of solid breasts

    ・Beautiful shape
    ・High durability

    The best thing is the shape of the breast, which means the same as the letter. Because it is solid, the shape of the breast is the same as the virtual characters such as animations. You can maintain the beautiful shape in the game. On the contrary, hollow breasts and jelly breasts can feel a little dripping. Just like human aging, it will become distorted and contracted over time. Therefore, compared with these two types, strong breasts are always in perfect condition. And it is flexible, which is quite satisfying for those who like this element.

    Therefore, I think full breasts are suitable for those who value breast shape. It is as beautiful as a virtual human and will not deform over time. It is recommended for customers who purchase mannequins, cosplay and other adult MINI SEX DOLLs for viewing and shooting.

    Just like the shortcomings of plump, firmness and lack of realism mentioned earlier, it is harder than the other two types of breasts, so for those who have realism and value realism, 90% of this type of breasts are Unfortunately. I think. Most love doll beginners refer to this standard breast when buying dolls, normal breast type, because most love doll beginners refer to pure breasts as standard breasts or normal breasts as a basic customization option and mistake them for “standard females” Natural breasts”. But this type is usually a non-standard breast.

    Advantages of hollow breasts

    ・The softest

    The lightest weight is fully explained in the characteristics. Another benefit is weight. Since the hollow chest is hollow, it is naturally the lightest weight than the other two types. It is a common situation that life-size lover dolls are too heavy to cause inconvenience to the majority of lover dolls. Especially for big breasted love dolls, if you choose solid and jelly breasts, it will be heavier. However, if you choose a hollow breast, it will be lighter, about 3-4 kg.

    Disadvantages of hollow breasts

    ・The shape of the dripping milk
    ・easily transformed
    ・Too light

    As mentioned in the advantages of cup limitation, hollow breasts are the softest, but they may not be too soft. Compared to a solid breast with a perfect figure, the shape of dripping milk can still be felt. After about two years, it is likely to deform and wither.

    The hollow breasts reduce the weight of the doll by about 3-4 kg, and it is easy to carry, but not all advantages. It is too light and loses its sense of reality. Because if there is no sense of weight, there is no sense of truth. For example, those who want to have sex, such as “milk fuck” and “breast squeeze”, do not have the weight and pressure of the breast, so I think its experience is not very good.

    Advantages of Jelly Breast

    ・ Soft and elastic
    ・Massage is comfortable and close to the real thing

    Between solid and hollow breasts, imitating the functional characteristics of both. This is the most realistic breast, with firm elasticity and soft hollow breasts. And the feeling of rubbing is close to real breasts, soft and moist, and you can feel plump plums. This is an indescribable experience.

    Disadvantages of Jelly Breast

    ・Heavy weight
    ・High price
    ・Due to freezing and hardening in cold temperatures

    The jelly breast itself is perfect, so when it comes to shortcomings, there are more external factors. In winter, the temperature in Japan is very low, so it is common for jelly breasts to become a little stiff when there is no one in the room and there is no heating system.

    And when putting jelly in the breast, the weight is naturally heavier than the other two breasts, and the bigger the cup, the heavier it is. Secondly, the cups in the jelly box are also limited. Can’t choose a big bra cup like a melon ball. Another thing is the high price. It is usually set as a paid option on the product page. However, depending on the mail order store and manufacturer, it may be free.

    This is the pros and cons of loving doll breasts. OkSexDoll, which sells high-end products, not only pays attention to pre-sales service, but also pays attention to after-sales service. Customer feedback is the ladder to improve our management level. Enthusiastically answering various questions for customers is also the responsibility of a successful online mail order store.

    According to our sales experience, some customers regret that “his doll is better than a friend’s doll” after purchasing the product. Due to the lack of knowledge and experience in breast type selection, about half of people buy mini MINI SEX DOLLs that are different from their own purposes and uses. If you have experience with breast types, no wonder you buy the product and never regret it. Don’t hesitate to buy your favorite love doll accurately!

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